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Recycling & ZLD

Sustainable conservation of resources

Wertstoffe, die recycelt werden können, darunter Glas, Metalle, Kunststoffe, Batterien uvm.

Recycling & ZLD are important processes with a positive impact on the environment, economy and society. By sustainably activating recyclable materials, we can conserve resources, reduce the need for new raw materials, minimize waste, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With increasing environmental challenges and limited resources, recycling is an important part of building a sustainable future.

Recycling & ZLD – for a sustainable future and a healthy world!

For decades, the global scarcity of resources and raw materials has led to the sustainable activation of recyclable materials that are fed back into the value chain.

With the CONTURBEX screen scroll centrifuge, our customers dewater, for example, X-ray films for the recovery of silver, plastic granulates from car recycling or HDPE from the recycling of beverage packaging. We develop the necessary special slotted screens or CONIDUR® screens for dewatering in-house.

The salt contamination of waste water, e.g. from the power plant industry or the potash industry, must be minimized. This is achieved using Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems, among other things. In this application, dewatering is carried out using decanters, SHORTBOWL decanters, pusher centrifuges and CONTURBEX centrifuges. Our HSG vibrating centrifuges have proven themselves for dewatering coarse residue.

Finer mixed salts from crystallization systems are centrifuged with downstream SHORTBOWL decanters, pusher centrifuges and CONTURBEX centrifuges at temperatures sometimes exceeding 100°C. The high-alloy stainless steels, Hastelloy and titanium materials required for these machines are provided with appropriate wear protection made of tungsten carbide, stellite or ceramic tiles. In this innovation-driven market, we are constantly developing new and more efficient solutions for coating, bonding and joining technology for our customers.

Ammonium sulphate nitrogen fertilizer crystals in bags for fertilizing plants

Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as a nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. There are also many other niche applications, such as food additives and drinking water treatment.

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Clean water - underwater view you look through the water surface into the sky

Zero Liquid Discharge – ZLD

Water is one of the most valuable resources and water treatment is essential. Learn more about ZLD and the role centrifuges play.

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Slag. A pile of gray slag - filling the format

Aluminum Salt Slag

Modern technologies are used to recover valuable components from the aluminum salt slag. In particular, our SHS pusher centrifuges, CONTURBEX screen scroll centrifuges and decanters are used successfully in the various processing steps.

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High temperature applications are a considerable problem for most decanters, not so for our SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge.

High Temperature Applications

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Clean water - underwater view you look through the water surface into the sky

How industry can help protect our water supplies & why is it necessary? Learn more about Zero Liquid Discharge here.

World Water Day

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SHORTBOWL decanter for lactose in the production hall in Mülheim an der Ruhr

SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge

Due to the special geometry of the rotating parts, the SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge - solid bowl is best suited for separating fine solid particles with a high specific density difference to the liquid phase.

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SIEBTECHNIK Siebschneckenzentrifuge CONTURBEX H700 für Lactose - Hallenansicht mit mehreren Maschinen

Screen scroll centrifuge CONTURBEX

The CONTURBEX is a continuously operating, filtering centrifuge with a very wide range of applications.

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SHS pusher centrifuge in fertilizer production

SHS pusher centrifuge

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA SHS pusher centrifuge has established itself and proven itself as a modern high-performance unit in many industries.

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA decanter centrifuge DZ 7. View from the drive side of the decanter.

Decanter centrifuge – solid bowl

Our decanters are individual, functional and versatile. They offer highly efficient separation of even the finest solids with almost complete clarification of the liquid phase.

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Screen decanter TURBOSCREEN type TSDT 1100

TURBOSCREEN screen bowl decanter centrifuge

It combines the process engineering advantages of a sedimenting decanter and a filtering centrifuge in one machine.

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CONTHICK sieve decanter

CONTHICK screen bowl decanter centrifuge

The CONTHICK screen bowl decanter centrifuge is a combination machine consisting of a solid-wall drum in the product feed zone and a downstream screening drum.

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Oscillating centrifuge HSG

HSG vibrating centrifuge

With the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA HSG vibrating centrifuge you can continuously centrifugally dewater the world's largest solids capacity of bulk materials.

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Banana screening machine BHG 24-60-I WS Production

Banana screening machine

Our banana screening machine is used for screening granular bulk materials. It achieves good separation efficiency at extremely high feed rates and with difficult-to-screen material and is a high-speed screen in terms of its operating behavior.

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Ellipsenschwing-Siebmaschine - Installation in Norwegen

Elliptical motion screening machine

The elliptical vibrating screen combines the advantages of linear and circular vibrating screens with space-saving horizontal installation and high material throughput.

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Circular motion screening machine

A SIEBTECHNIK circular motion screening machine is the classic solution for process engineering tasks in screen classification.

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Linearschwingsiebmaschine HR 13-5 50 I WS vor Ort, d.h. eingebaut in eine Anlage. Die Maschine hat eine Luftfederung.

Linear motion screening machine

Our linear motion screening machine is used for screening and dewatering granular bulk materials. Even extreme requirements, high temperatures and low residual moisture can be realized with these machines.

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VS 14-44-I G eccentric vibratory screening machine on site

Eccentric vibratory screening machine

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA eccentric vibratory screening machine is always ready for anything thanks to its fixed vibration amplitude. They have proven themselves as pre-separators in tough applications for many years.

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Multi-deck screening machine MHR - Stainless steel version - 3D animation - General view

Multi-deck screening machine

Our multi-deck screening machine is used as a control or classifying screen for free-flowing, dry or granular bulk materials.

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA semi-mobile setting machine type SKC - overall view with transport truck

Semi-mobile pulsator jig

Our Semi-mobile pulsator jig is always the perfect solution if you want to avoid long transportation routes or if the time limit on the amount of material makes the construction of a plant uneconomical.

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Oscillating jig in the gravel works - view from above

Setting machine

Our oscillating setting machine is specially designed for separating light material from heavy material with a grain size >1 mm.

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA curved screen with brush

Curved-screen Systems

The Curved-screen Systems is a universally applicable classifying and dewatering device. It can be used in almost all branches of industry. For the pre-thickening of suspensions of all kinds, the curved screen is a very economical preliminary stage before centrifuges and dryers. When separating crystalline or fibrous solids from process or waste water and when recovering valuable materials from aqueous media, there is considerable potential for savings.

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CONFLUX tumbler screening machine in a technical center

Tumbler screening machine

The SIEBTECHNIK CONFLUX type C tumbler screening machine offers outstanding adaptability to the highest requirements and is used in fine and ultra-fine screening technology.

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Hammer mill HM4 for crushing limestone

Hammer and impact hammer mills

High-speed machines for impact shredding and impact crushing. Processing of soft to medium-strength materials and recycling of multi-material components.

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Hammer sampler HPN for sampling in the aluminum industry

Hammer sampler

The Hammer sampler is used for sampling materials from belt conveyors.

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