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Screen scroll centrifuge CONTURBEX

Universal for demanding tasks

View into the centrifuge technology center of SIEBTECHNIK TEMA in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. You can see several CONTURBEX centrifuges

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA screen scroll centrifuge CONTURBEX is a machine concept that has been tried and tested for decades for demanding tasks.

The CONTURBEX is a continuously operating, filtering centrifuge with a very wide range of applications. We achieve this flexibility through a centrifuge screw operated at differential speed.

The CONTURBEX – reliable and universally applicable

Thousands of CONTURBEX screen scroll centrifuges are in use worldwide in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Tasks in the chemical industry with specific requirements for corrosion resistance or gas-tight processes are fulfilled, as are hygienic requirements in the food industry. We also offer the CONTURBEX in versions with USDA approval.

The constantly increasing requirements, particularly with regard to throughput lines, have prompted us to expand our CONTURBEX series. The CX machine type was developed based on decades of experience using the latest design and manufacturing methods.
The design principle simplifies maintenance and ensures low-vibration and economical operation at high throughput rates thanks to the optimum center of gravity.

All CONTURBEX centrifuges can be used universally and impress with their smooth running behavior even under fluctuating feed conditions.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

The basics of our CONTURBEX

The task of this centrifuge is to separate solids from suspensions. The screen scroll centrifuge impresses with its universal application possibilities for both high and low feed concentrations.

The unique functional principle of the pre-accelerated suspension feed to the sieve element combined with the homogeneous distribution by the screw enables this centrifuge to fulfill complex tasks.

We achieve optimum dewatering results by adjusting the machine parameters, G-ratio and retention time.

The solids are transported by a screw that rotates at a differential speed to the drum. Solids and liquid are discharged into separate housing sections. The mother liquor and washing liquid can be discharged separately.

The drive of the SIEBTECHNIK screen scroll centrifuge is characterized by powerful gears and high-quality bearings.  A central circulating oil lubrication system supplies all bearings with permanently filtered and temperature-controlled lubricant.

The machine concept enables excellent access to all components that come into contact with the product. This enables fast processes for maintenance and servicing as well as for special cleaning requirements within the process area.

SIEBTECHNIK sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX H700 for lactose - hall view with several machines
14 STK SIEBTECHNIK TEMA sieve screw centrifuges type CONTURBEX in various stages of completion at the centrifuge technology center in Mülheim an der Ruhr
12 sieve screw centrifuges type CONTURBEX H in a plant for Potash
SIEBTECHNIK sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX H700 for lactose - hall view in production - 8 machines

Equipment variants

Tailored to your requirements

Due to the complexity of the tasks involved, a large number of different design variants are available. The rotating components of the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA CONTURBEX machines are available in different cone angles from 0°-20°.
A central component of this filtering centrifuge is the sieve element. This is selected according to the requirements of the separation task.
Furthermore, the screw design is a central aspect; the geometric arrangement of the screw flights and the selection of the suitable material or wear protection is decisive.

Drive design

  • Mechanical gearboxes (planetary/cycloidal gearboxes)
  • Hydraulic drives (self-regulating screw speed)
  • Drives with adjustable speeds
  • Drives with adjustable speeds

Material versions

  • Carbon steel
  • austenitic steels
  • Duplex steels
  • Hastelloy
  • Titanium

Housing versions

  • Product washing device
  • Pressure equalization in the air/gas duct
  • Separate drains for filtrate and washing liquid (double cyclone)
  • Solids discharge by means of discharge chute (race track)
  • Trace heating/cooling
  • Insulation
  • Suspension feed or feed screw
  • CIP version
  • Food-safe design according to FDA / EC 1935

The Drive

Specially designed drive systems for optimal separation results

The solution to a separation problem depends on the drive of the centrifuge. The centrifugal force required for solid-liquid separation is determined by the speed of the bowl or screen. To achieve the right speed for optimum separation results, it is often necessary to keep the speeds variable. Our specialists will customize the required drive control for your application.

In screen scroll centrifuges and decanters, the differential speed of the solids conveying screw to the bowl is also critical. It determines the residence time of the solids in the centrifuge and therefore the separation efficiency.

The correct differential speed for your separation task is determined by selecting the right gear. The differential speed can be constant or variable. In the latter case, the backdrive is used, where the otherwise fixed input shaft of the gear is also driven. If you want to keep the screw speed completely independent of the bowl speed, hydraulic drives (Viscotherm) or two-stage gearboxes with an upstream differential planetary stage are used.

The drive system is continuously monitored to ensure the operational safety of your centrifuge. Overspeed, overcurrent and slippage are detected and reported to the machine control system for action.

Only a drive system specially designed for your separation task will lead to optimum separation results.

SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge drive
Drive of a SHS pusher centrifuge
Drive decanter DZ7
Sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX - Drive side

Explosion protection | Inertization

Inerting our machines and systems can be necessary for a variety of reasons. In many industrial processes, it is necessary for safety reasons to reliably prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere caused by dust or gases (ATEX).

In addition, it may be necessary to seal and blanket product spaces with inert gas, such as nitrogen (N₂) or carbon dioxide (CO₂), to prevent oxidation and maintain product quality.

Take advantage of the decades of cross-industry experience of SIEBTECHNIK specialists in sealing and inerting the process chambers of your centrifuges.
We are happy to work with our customers to develop an inerting concept for the integration of our machines into existing or planned systems.

Hygenic Design | CIP

for processes with the highest hygienic requirements

The name SIEBTECHNIK TEMA is inseparably connected with dewatering tasks under the highest hygienic requirements. The separation of breadcrumbs from frying oil at temperatures of approx. 200°C with the SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge, the centrifugation of lactose crystals for the production of baby food with the SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge and the CONTURBEX screen scroll centrifuge or the production of high-purity inorganic salts with our CONTURBEX and pusher centrifuges are just a few examples. Design features include technical separation of the drive and process areas of the centrifuge, advanced sealing systems that are easy to clean by CIP.

To optimize centrifuges for hygienic applications or in areas where CIP must prevent cross-contamination, we use riboflavin tests to verify and optimize cleaning results.

In-house developed and USDA-certified CIP nozzles, in-house developed hygienic fittings, special hygienic surfaces or our sophisticated USDA-compliant sealing technology make many dewatering tasks possible with our centrifuges.

Plant image: SIEBTECHNIK TEMA sieve screw centrifuge type CONTURBEX and a fluidized bed dryer from TEMA Process

Centrifuge systems

Our centrifuge & dryer systems offer you state-of-the-art technology, customer and product-specific special equipment, individual advice in pre-sales and reliable support in the after-sales process.

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Ölzustandsüberwachung Headerbild - gelbes Getriebeöl

Fluid Observer

We have developed an oil quality monitoring system specially tailored to our centrifuges. Reduce downtimes and extend your machine running time with the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Fluid Observer!

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STReAM Zentrifugen - SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Remote Advanced Monitoring mit optionaler Cloud-Anbindung.

STReAM Centrifuges

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Remote Advanced Monitoring
Your digital module for preventive centrifuge maintenance - with optional cloud connection

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By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
Various ingredients for baking on a white wooden table, including baking powder or baking soda.

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12 sieve screw centrifuges type CONTURBEX H in a plant for Potash
CONTURBEX for Potash
14 STK SIEBTECHNIK TEMA sieve screw centrifuges type CONTURBEX in various stages of completion at the centrifuge technology center in Mülheim an der Ruhr
Screening screw centrifuge Conturbex CX 1500 - Machines in production
SIEBTECHNIK sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX H700 for lactose - hall view with several machines
SIEBTECHNIK sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX H700 for lactose
Sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX H600 with insulation
SIEBTECHNIK sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX H700 for lactose - hall view in production - 8 machines
SIEBTECHNIK sieve screw centrifuge CONTURBEX H700 for lactose
CONTURBEX sieve screw centrifuge for processing lithium chloride
CONTURBEX H400 for LIthium chloride
SHS pusher centrifuge in fertilizer production

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