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Hammer and impact hammer mills

Crushing & Milling of soft to medium-hard materials

Hammermühle HM3

Our hammer and impact hammer mills are used for Crushing & Milling soft to medium-hard, brittle or fibrous materials. The machines can also be equipped with a rotor with cutting tools, which extends the range of applications to plastic products. Our series also includes machines for small batch grinding.

Areas of application & machine types

The hammer mill is just as suitable as the hammer impact mill for Crushing & Milling soft to medium-hard materials (hardness grades according to F. Mohs 2 – 5). These include, among others: Agglomerates, coal, limestone, gypsum and slag. Our mills are designed for high throughput rates and are absolutely trouble-free in operation.

Hammer impact mills are particularly suitable for the size reduction of coarse material when it comes to achieving high degrees of Crushing & Milling at high throughputs. The hammer impact mill differs from the hammer mill
by the additional impact chamber into which the material is thrown after contact with the beaters.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

In hammer mills, the material is drawn into the grinding chamber by the hammers suspended from the high-speed rotor. Crushing & Milling is mainly carried out by impact and impact stress in the area of the grate basket. The ground material remains in the grinding chamber until it has reached the required fineness and can pass through the discharge grate.

The final fineness of the finished product is influenced in both types of grinder by changing the grate gap width and the circumferential speed.

In contrast to hammer mills, hammer impact mills have an additional impact chamber in the upper part of the housing. The fed material is caught by the hammers of the rotor and thrown against the impact bars of the impact chamber.  The pre-crushed material enters the lower grinding chamber and is mainly re-crushed on the grate basket.

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA hammer mill HM 5a for crushing quicklime
Hammer mill HM 5a for crushing quicklime
Hammer mill HM4 for crushing limestone
Hammer mill HM4 for limestone
Hammerprallmühle HM 5b
Hammerprallmühle HM 5b
Rostkorbhälften der Hammperprallmühle HM5b auf einer Euro-Palette in unserer Werkshalle in Mülheim an der Ruhr
Hammermühle HM3
Hammermühle HM3
Hammer mill View of the grinder
Hammer mill - grinder
Hammermühle HM3
Hammermühle HM3
Die Hammermühle HM1-L kann von einer Hammer auf eine Schneidmühle umgerüstet werden
Hammerschneidmühle HM1-L
Prinzipzeichnung - Unterscheid zwischen einer Hammermühle und einer Hammerprallmühle
Prinzip Hammermühle (links) und Hammerprallmühle (rechts)
Hammermühle HM1-L mit geschlossener bzw geöffneter Fronttür

Hammer- / cutting mill

High-speed machines for impact/crushing or shearing/cutting Crushing & Milling. Processing of soft to medium-hard and fibrous materials, as well as in the recycling of multi-material components

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA single roller mill for crushing coal

Single roller mill

Our single roller mill not only grinds gently, but also produces only small amounts of fines without significantly increasing the product temperature. And best of all, our rollers are available in a wide range of materials. Take advantage now and experience first-class shredding performance in a completely new dimension!

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA drum mill TTS with open lid and block on the drum

Drum mills

Dry and wet grinding with loose grinding media. Grinding media and drum lining available in many materials.
Available in a continuous version or as a batch mill.

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