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grain size distribution, drum strength, skeleton density and moisture content

A laboratory employee holds a soil sample in a glass container in front of a microscope and adds white powder

In addition to devices for analyzing and determining particle size distribution, trommel strength, skeletal density and moisture, we also offer Dividers for the representative reduction of sample quantities and Laboratory Centrifuges for separating solids from suspensions.

You will find the following machines in our product portfolio:

Analytical screening machines View of the screening tower and zirconium oxide beads

Analytical Screening

Grain size and grain distribution play an important role in quality assurance, processing, research and development. Our portfolio of machine types is as diverse as the areas of application for test sieve shakers.

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Strength test drum, opened with a view of the drum and extended drip tray

Solid Testing Drums

The automatic Solid Testing Drums are used to determine the drum strength in accordance with the relevant DIN, ISO and ASTM standards for coke, iron ore and sinter.

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BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer - front view, open.

BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer

With the BULKINSPECTOR, the world's first fully automatic gas pycnometer, weighing and volume determination are carried out automatically in the device.

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Robot-based system for automated sample preparation

Automated laboratory sample preparation and analysis

We free your laboratory staff from routine analyses and relieve them of repetitive tasks.

Reliable, precise, reproducible and documented!

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CENTRILAB laboratory centrifuge

Laboratory Centrifuges

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers two different Laboratory Centrifuges for laboratory-scale tests and for the preparation of small quantities. Find out more about CENTRILAB and CENTRIFLEX.

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Stainless steel ripple divider with drip trays

Laboratory sample splitter

Laboratory sample splitters can be used for the quantitative division of dry, granular, powdery samples.

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Distributor 8/200 for the representative dividing of dry and free-flowing bulk materials - the machine has 8 collecting containers

Divider 8/200

This distributor is suitable for simple, fast distribution of free-flowing powders and granulates to 8 samples.

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