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HSG vibrating centrifuge

Champion in solids throughput

HSG vibratory centrifuge at the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Centrifuge Technology Center in Mülheim an der Ruhr

With the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA HSG vibrating centrifuge you can continuously centrifugally dewater the world’s largest solids capacity of bulk materials.
Whether coarse salts, sea salt, potash, coal or sand. The HSG dewaters the highest quantities of solids fully continuously, reliably, fully automatically and self-regulating. Even with feed fluctuations, the HSG masters its task with minimal energy consumption.

Stable and continuous operation and a maintenance-friendly design are the result of over 70 years of consistent further development of SIEBTECHNIK TEMA HSG centrifuges.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

The HSG vibrating centrifuge is our most powerful centrifuge in terms of solids throughput.

It is primarily suitable for coarse-grained or otherwise easily dewatered bulk materials, such as washed fine coal, middlings or fine wash tailings in hard coal processing, for dissolving and washing residues in potash processing, sea salt, concrete sand, etc.

The solids are transported over the screen of the conically expanding drum through the interaction of the inclination and axial vibration of the drum.

The prerequisite for a controlled sliding speed is that the angle of inclination is slightly smaller than the sliding friction angle of the product to be dewatered and that the axial vibratory acceleration is sufficient to overcome the remaining difference in product friction on the screen. As there are relatively narrow design limits to the vibration acceleration, vibratory centrifuges must generally be operated with centrifugal accelerations below 120 xg.

The screen basket, inlet piece, shaft and bearing housing form the small mass of a vibration system, which is coupled to the large mass, essentially consisting of the crossbeam and product housing, via rubber springs.

The vibrations are excited by counter-rotating unbalances in the resonance range slightly below the natural frequency. This ensures very stable vibration behavior even with low power requirements for excitation.

If the machines are subjected to higher loads, i.e. an increase in the small mass due to product accumulation in the drum, their natural frequency decreases and approaches the exciter speed, i.e. they become more resonant.

This automatically increases the vibration amplitude and the transport speed of the solids in the drum.

The machine “works freely”, is self-regulating and adapts to fluctuations in feed within a wide range without malfunctions. The drum and vibration exciter are driven by three-phase motors via V-belts.

This allows the speed to be easily adjusted to the respective operating conditions. The drive motors and reservoir with pump for circulating oil lubrication of all bearings are mounted on a base frame, on which the centrifuge is also mounted vibration-isolated via rubber buffers.

Like all our continuously operating centrifuges, the vibratory centrifuge can also be installed on higher floors without heavy steadying masses.

Equipment variants

The profile wires of the slotted screen baskets are made of chrome steel. The inlet piece and inlet pipe are made of wear and/or corrosion-resistant materials if required. The product housing is made of steel. On request, we can also supply it in a rubberized version or with special wear protection in the solid material housing.

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Oscillating centrifuge HSG
Oscillating centrifuge HSG
HSG vibratory centrifuge at the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Centrifuge Technology Center in Mülheim an der Ruhr
Oscillating centrifuge HSG
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Vibratory centrifuge HSG1650
Oscillating centrifuge HSG in the minerals and mining sector
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