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because the analysis begins with sampling

Different core samples - you can see different broken core samples from core drillings in a sorting box

Constantly increasing quality demands on raw materials and end products in the industry require modern processing technologies and the monitoring of product quality.

SIEBTECHNIK has a broadly diversified product portfolio, a staff with solid expertise and global and industry-specific experience.

Customized solutions

For the sampling and sample preparation of bulk materials and suspensions of all kinds, we plan and manufacture sample taking & sample preparation systems tailored to your individual requirements.

SIEBTECHNIK has the right solution for every task or can create one together with you. Improve the precision of your analysis with our technology, because the analysis begins with the sampling of the substances!

SIEBTECHNIK machines are also user-friendly, easy to maintain and, above all, future-proof – thanks to our specialized service personnel and exemplary spare and wear parts service, even for older machines.


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    Advantages of modern Sample taking & sample preparation systems

    • Regular, person-independent, weather and time of day-independent collection of laboratory/analysis samples in accordance with the current ISO standards, which forms the basis for reproducible and precise analysis of the product
    • Representative automatic sampling – without interrupting conveying – from the ongoing material flow
    • Taking sample quantities and determining the sample frequency in accordance with the current ISO standards
    • Creation of reserve samples that allow re-analysis in the event of anomalies
    • Uniformity of material flows and particle sizes in the by-pass stream of sample preparation systems to increase the precision of online analyzers
    • Relief of operating personnel to preserve sample material and improve work ergonomics through automated sample preparation
    • Improvement in occupational safety, as there is no need for personnel to intervene in the product flows and this is done using automatic sampling devices
    Probenahme und Probenaufbereitung von Kohle während der Schiffsbeladung

    Basics of sampling

    The first step towards successful analysis is representative sampling and sample preparation. Read here what needs to be considered.

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    Lumps of hard coal on a conveyor belt on the way to sampling

    Sampling Equipment for Conveyor Systems

    Removal of a single sample from the moving belt, over the full material cross-section directly from the belt or at the belt discharge.

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    Downpipe sampler - system photo

    Sampling Equipment for Downpipes

    Safe sampling from unpressurized pipes or chutes with our cross-sectional samplers or point samplers.

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    Spoon sampler for turbidity - application area ore concentrate

    Sampling Equipment for Suspensions / Turbidity

    Sampling of minerals, ores and concentrates during wet processing from unpressurized pipelines.

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    Robot-based system for automated sample preparation

    Automated sample preparation and analysis

    With our robot-based sample preparation and analysis systems, we free the laboratory from routine analyses and relieve employees of constantly repetitive tasks.

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    Rotary divider


    We have various devices in our range for dividing samples. With the Turnstile divider, the Rotary divider and the Rotary pipe divider, you can divide a wide variety of sample materials.

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    Sample collector in the limestone plant - The sample container for fine chippings is removed

    Sample Collectors

    If samples can only be collected at longer intervals, we offer the option of storing them in so-called Sample Collectors of various sizes until collection.

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    Sample dryer TR 500

    Sample Dryers

    The Sample Dryers are used for the automatic, batch-wise drying and deagglomeration of moist or wet bulk samples.

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