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Semi-mobile pulsator jig

Density sorting in a complete system

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Semi-mobile Setzmaschine Typ SKC - Gesamtbild mit Transport LKW

Our Semi-mobile pulsator jig is always the perfect solution if you want to avoid long transportation routes or if the time limit on the amount of material makes the construction of a plant uneconomical.

Quick & easy to set up – flexible use worldwide!

Particularly in the recycling industry, the locations are usually only temporary. Our Semi-mobile pulsator jig has been specially developed for such applications. Carry
out density sorting directly at the location where the material is produced, e.g. at

  • Demolition work & rubble processing
  • Soil remediation work
  • Stockpile processing
  • Gravel & ballast processing
  • and much more.

Our semi-mobile pulsator jig helps you to increase the quantity and quality of recycled material and reduce transportation routes and waste. In this way, you can conserve resources and save costs.
It is also a popular addition to semi-mobile crushing and classifying plants.

See for yourself. We will be happy to advise you!


Application examples

Soil remediation

Our soil performs various tasks. It forms the nutritional basis and habitat for humans, animals and plants. It contains and protects drinking water, is also a raw material store and forms the building ground.

As soils are only formed over geological periods and are therefore in fact a non-renewable resource, processing is particularly important.

During soil remediation, residual materials such as branches, stones, glass or plastic can be removed from the excavation by means of density sorting. This results in new topsoil.

(Gravel) extraction sites with only a small volume

Semi-mobile plants are the ideal solution whenever extraction sites only promise a small quantity of raw materials. This is because building a new plant is uneconomical. However, transportation and further processing in existing plants consumes resources unnecessarily and is also cost-intensive.

The SKC type jig can be used directly at the extraction site and transported to the next location once the deposit is exhausted.

By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.

Coal has shaped the Ruhr region - like hardly anything else in the last 100 years. So it is not surprising that our roots can also be found here.

100 Years of Screening

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100 Jahre SIEBTECHNIK TEMA, Büro mit Schreibtisch auf dem eine große goldene 100 steht, im davor sind Modelle einiger Maschinen, eine konstruktionsskizze und ein Laptop. Bei den Maschinen handelt es sich um eine Zentrifuge, eine Siebmaschine und eine Analysensiebmaschine

Therefore, this year we would like to take you on a journey through 100 years of company history.


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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Semi-mobile Setzmaschine Typ SKC - Gesamtbild mit Transport LKW
SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Semi-mobile Setzmaschine Typ SKC
SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Semi-mobile Setzmaschine Typ SKC - Anlage Ansicht Produktausgabe
Semi-mobile Setzmaschine Typ SKC
Schwing-Setzmachine im Kieswerk - Ansicht von oben

Setting machine

Our oscillating setting machine is specially designed for separating light material from heavy material with a grain size >1 mm.

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Wasser fließt aus Abwasserleitungen


Our wide range of screening machines enables the industrial dewatering of bulk materials for a wide variety of applications. Whether elliptical vibrators, linear vibrators or curved screens, our products are tailored to the specific requirements of your industry.

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Sieb-Klassierung mit Waschung auf einem Polyurethansieb


Whether processing raw materials, manufacturing end products or recycling - our screening machines offer a fast and effective method of classifying materials by size and preparing them for further use.

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