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Oil condition monitoring

Real-time monitoring & cleaning during operation

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Our centrifuges are key equipment in many plants. They dewater, clarify and wash your products and make a highly efficient contribution to successful plant operation. Reliable production is therefore a top priority.

Together with HYDAC – one of the most professional suppliers in this segment – we have developed an oil quality monitoring system specially tailored to our centrifuges. Reduce downtimes and extend your machine running time with the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Fluid Observer!

Oil monitoring

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Fluid Observer (STFlO) condition monitoring package is an online measuring system that – depending on the sensor equipment – is used to determine solid contamination, water saturation and the fluid condition in hydraulic and lubricating oils.
Depending on the version, it consists of a motor, pump and sensor connection block and can therefore be easily integrated into the oil circuits of existing systems.

In addition, optional data storage and network communication modules, as well as application-specific housings for the electrical installation, enable optimum transmission of the measured values to data acquisition and evaluation systems.
The STFlO is therefore a compact and easy to retrofit solution for condition monitoring of lubricants.


  • Data acquisition, evaluation and monitoring
  • Early warning of oil changes
  • Initiation of fluid maintenance measures (filtering)
  • Reduction of oil change intervals
  • Cleaning during operation
  • Ensuring system availability
  • Reduction of operating costs and CO2 footprint
  • Clear dashboard
  • Simple retrofitting

Structure & functionality of the monitoring unit

The device works continuously and sends the data online or via an internal network to the control system or a secure cloud storage. The following data (extract) is recorded, stored and displayed:

The display in the dashboard is clear and easy to understand, even for non-experts. The limit values are displayed using traffic light colors:

  • Green: Okay
  • Yellow: Attention / Warning
  • Red: maximum limit value exceeded

All data is stored in trend records and displayed online. The measurement period is: 24h / >90 days. All data is continuously available online.

The increasing contamination of the oil during machine operation is detected and displayed. As soon as a limit value is exceeded, it is also highlighted in color.

Cleaning the oil during operation

In addition to the oil monitoring unit, we also offer optional bypass filtration in the oil lubrication circuit. This makes it possible to clean the oil during operation if the cleanliness limits are exceeded.
You can trigger off-line cleaning manually or automatically.

Live display of machine data before cleaning.

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