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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Remote Advanced Monitoring

The digital module for preventive centrifuge maintenance

with optional cloud connection

STReAM Zentrifugen - SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Remote Advanced Monitoring mit optionaler Cloud-Anbindung.

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Safeguard machine operation and your associated production!
, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers an innovative and flexible tool for optimizing preventive maintenance and downtime planning.

Our centrifuges are key equipment in many plants. They dewater, clarify and wash numerous products and make a highly efficient contribution to successful plant operation.

Reliable production is a top priority for our customers and therefore also for us. Irregularities in operation must be corrected as quickly as possible before malfunctions or machine failures are conceivable. We have been supporting our customers with our expertise in this area for decades.


  • IT database for OT from the centrifuge (Operational Technology)
  • Possible connection to other existing cloud systems
  • Channelized data and information exchange with SIEBTECHNIK TEMA possible
  • Analysis and recommendations through benchmarking
  • Remote support in the event of malfunctions and anomalies
  • Clear and user-oriented dashboard
  • Construction kit for creating your own dashboards
  • Simple user management for e.g. rights, views and messages
  • Chat function

With optional cloud connection

  • Channeled data and information exchange with SIEBTECHNIK TEMA
  • Long-term storage in the cloud with max., min., average values and deviation
  • Simple and global access for all authorized users via cloud portal
  • Current documentation & reports available in the cloud portal
  • Regular analysis and recommendations through benchmarking
  • Notifications & remote support in the event of malfunctions and anomalies
  • “Secure remote maintenance” option integrated and usable
  • Mobile Internet connection option

With STReAM, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers an innovative and flexible tool for optimizing preventive maintenance and downtime planning and thus for safeguarding machine operation and your associated production.

Schaubild STReAM (SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Remote Advanced Monitoring) - Wie funktioniert das System, welche Hauptbausteine gibt es?

Digital processing of operating data

The digital processing of operating data enables up-to-date monitoring, analysis and continuous improvement of centrifuge operation. The modular structure of STReAM is the basis for a modern and optimal connection tailored to your operation.

Regular or event-related machine analysis

For regular or event-related machine analysis, you can of course rely on the experience of our centrifuge specialists. With STReAM, data transfer is simple and absolutely secure.

Structure & functionalities

  • Self-contained sensor data box, independent of the main control system/control center
  • iPC Edge Computing: On-site data storage and visualization
  • Online dashboarding and long-term storage
  • Interface/data supplier for MES, ERP, cloud services (additional effort may be required)

STReAM records the machine’s own centrifuge sensors and, if required, specific process sensors relevant to machine operation. The machine data is digitized and the operation of your centrifuge can be analysed transparently and regularly, even live. The Cloudmonitoring database works in real time.

Drahtmodel eines DZS8 Dekanters

You are the sovereign of your data!

Data sovereignty is of course yours! You retain all rights, titles and interests in your data.

Strict consideration of the applicable norms and standards

  • NIST SP800 certified
  • State of the art technology & security procedures
  • Regular cybersecurity audit with regular penetration tests and code scans (based on ISO 27001, IEC 62443)
  • Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Cloud security MS Azure

Easy integration into customer networks

  • 443 port (standard https)
  • fixed IP address & domains
  • TLS encryption

Modular design

The STReAM system has a modular structure, i.e. in addition to some basic components, you have the option of expanding your system with optional features.

Modularer Aufbau des STReAM Systems - Übersicht aller vorhandenen Bausteine. On-site: Internes Leitsystem, Schnittstellen zu übergeordneten Systemen, Wartungsautomation, Digitale Dokumentation, Trend Aufzeichnungen, Off-site: Cloud Monitoring, Wartungsautomation, Digitale Dokumentation und Prozessdatenaufzeichnung

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