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Luftstrahlsieb SLS mit App Steuerung

Airjet screen SLS

The Airjet screen SLS is used to classify products that are difficult to screen, especially in the particle size range < 250 µm

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Analysesiebmaschinen Blick in den Siebturm und auf Zirkonoxid Perlen

Analytical Screening

Grain size and grain distribution play an important role in quality assurance, processing, research and development. Our portfolio of machine types is as diverse as the areas of application for test sieve shakers.

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Roboterbasiertes System zur automatisierten Probenaufbereitung

Automated laboratory sample preparation and analysis

We free your laboratory staff from routine analyses and relieve them of repetitive tasks.

Reliable, precise, reproducible and documented!

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Roboterbasiertes System zur automatisierten Probenaufbereitung

Automated sample preparation and analysis

With our robot-based sample preparation and analysis systems, we free the laboratory from routine analyses and relieve employees of constantly repetitive tasks.

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Die SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Automatische Mahl- und Pressanlage welche alle Vorgänge von der Vorzerkleinerung faustgroßer Probenmaterialien, der Teilung, der Feinstvermahlung und der Verpressung des Pulvers zu einer Tablette in einem Gerät vereint.

Automatic milling and pressing system (AMP)

The fully automatic grinding and pressing system can be used to convert bulk material samples into test specimens for an XRF or XRD analyzer.

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Die automatische SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Scheibenschwingmühle TS 1000 A - Probe einfüllen, mahlen und vermahlene Probe im Becher entnehmen. Das Mahlgefäß muss nicht mehr entnommen werden

Automatic vibratory disk mill

We now make your work even easier: fill in the sample, grind and remove the ground sample in the beaker! This eliminates the need for your employees to handle the heavy grinding vessels.

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Bananen-Siebmaschine BHG 24-60-I WS Fertigung

Banana screening machine

Our banana screening machine is used for screening granular bulk materials. It achieves good separation efficiency at extremely high feed rates and with difficult-to-screen material and is a high-speed screen in terms of its operating behavior.

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Belt Filter Press - coal fines discharge cake

Belt Filter Press

Our SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Belt Filter Press (BFP) is designed to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for dewatering a wide range of sludges.

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BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer - front view, open.

BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer

With the BULKINSPECTOR, the world's first fully automatic gas pycnometer, weighing and volume determination are carried out automatically in the device.

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Drywall made of plasterboard

BULKINSPECTOR Gas pycnometer – Applications

Analysis of pure substances, general solids and component densities. In addition, for testing the composition of 2-component compounds or mixtures and determining the internal porosity with known solid density.

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The BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer with upstream downpipe swivel sampler as an exemplary installation situation in an automated process for quality control of the porosity of bulk solids.

BULKINSPECTOR Gas pycnometer – Features

The fully automatic SIEBTECHNIK TEMA gas pycnometer is a high-precision device for determining the density (skeletal density, also known as pure density or true density) of solids and bulk materials.

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Plant image: SIEBTECHNIK TEMA sieve screw centrifuge type CONTURBEX and a fluidized bed dryer from TEMA Process

Centrifuge systems

Our centrifuge & dryer systems offer you state-of-the-art technology, customer and product-specific special equipment, individual advice in pre-sales and reliable support in the after-sales process.

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