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BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer

Fully automatic for analysis, monitoring & quality control


The fully automatic SIEBTECHNIK TEMA gas pycnometer is a high-precision device for determining the density (skeletal density, also known as pure density or true density) of solids and bulk materials.



Why is it the next generation?

The sample to be analyzed is normally placed manually in the measuring chamber of the gas pycnometer. With our device, the sample is placed in the measuring cell (sample chamber) using a sample handling device. The previously completely manual process is thus automated and the volume and mass of the solid are now determined in a single device.

The sample material is supplied to the device from outside, ideally via a sample magazine in which the samples to be analyzed are buffered for the desired time.

Suitable for use in automated production processes

Precise and indestructible

The BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer is a closed system that is unaffected by the harsh environment of an industrial plant, i.e. noise, dust, heat, cold, dirt or moisture. The insulated steel housing is largely insensitive to external influences. The samples can be fed in through conveyor systems, such as a closed vibrating conveyor trough. This prevents contamination of the sample. As weighing takes place inside the BULKINSPECTOR, external influences can also be virtually ruled out here. In addition, the high-precision load cell is less sensitive to vibrations than conventional standard scales. The temperature inside the device is kept constant by a Peltier element, so heat or cold have no influence on the measurement result, even values such as the constantly changing air pressure do not distort the measurement result.

This makes the BULKINSPECTOR gas pycnometer equally suitable for laboratory and harsh process conditions.

What problems do standard pycnometers have in industrial plants?


and extended functionality

The pycnometer is controlled via a mobile control unit (tablet), which is included in the scope of delivery.

After opening the app, you are presented with a user-friendly, modern interface for operating the device. You can use this interface to set and manage formulas for various samples. You also have the option of managing and exporting measurement protocols and adjusting the basic settings of the device. Depending on the user level, some of these functions are password-protected.

You can also access the operating instructions via the tablet. If necessary, you can order the required spare and wear parts directly from us online via the app.

One person operates the BULKINSPECTOR pycnometer using a tablet and the start menu is displayed. Here you can choose whether you want to carry out a measurement, set the sample or measurement parameters, calibrate the device, display the results or change general settings.


and technical details

As the sample volume must be matched to the volume of the measuring beaker for precise measurements, the fully automatic gas pycnometer offers the option of holding various measuring beakers in parking positions in the device.

For automatic calibration, one of the measuring cup positions can be provided with a calibration volume so that recurring measurements for recalibration can be carried out during operation.

When selecting the components, particular attention was paid to ensuring that both the mechanical measurement setup and the selection of sensors, as well as the evaluation electronics, lead to reproducible measured values with a low standard deviation.

In addition, the inside of the insulated housing is heated or cooled via Peltier elements as required in order to maintain a constant temperature for the measurement.

Find out how our pycnometer works

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By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.

Technical data

Important figures

ModelPYC 130-A
Measuring cup volumes130 / 65 / 10 cm³
Number of spaces for measuring beakers4
Sample GasHelium
Measuring pressure0 ... 140 kPa
Scales0 ... 510 g +/- 0.0001g
Measuring temparature15 ... 35°C
Calibration methodAutomatic calibration with calibration sphere
Measurement uncertainty+/- 0.02%
Data interfaceWLAN
Dimensions (W/D/H)1100 x 675 x 855 mm
Weight 190 kg
Power supplyAC 110 V/16 A/60 Hz, AC 230 V/10 A/50 Hz
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