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Channel Conveyors

Our vibratory machines for material transport, completely without screening function

SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site

SIEBTECHNIK Channel Conveyors are used for conveying granular bulk materials. They are driven either by double unbalance gears (type FG, FG-C) or by unbalance motors (type FR, FR-C).

We build Channel Conveyors with drive units arranged at the top or bottom for extreme sizes. The conveying of coarse-grained or very hot feed material or the uniform feeding of a downstream screening machine with feed material can be easily controlled with these vibrating machines.

Channel Conveyors with double unbalance gears

Different sizes of double unbalance gearboxes allow excellent adjustment to your specific application. The balancing masses and speeds can be adjusted in stages, allowing the vibration amplitude and acceleration of the machine to be optimally adapted to the product-specific requirements.Our SIEBTECHNIK double unbalance gearboxes are quick and easy to install and offer high availability of the Channel Conveyors.We recommend this drive concept, for example, for product distribution chutes that feed downstream screening machines evenly with feed material or for discharge chutes for coarse-grained material from material bunkers, e.g. in primary crushing plants.

Channel Conveyors with two unbalance motors

A drive with two unbalance motors can be an economical alternative to a drive with double unbalance gears – especially in the area of Channel Conveyors with smaller nominal widths.
Two unbalance motors are operated in opposite directions, which means that the resulting movement of the vibrating machine is also linear.
These rather smaller vibratory machines are used, for example, for conveying sand, gravel, ore, slag or in recycling.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

SIEBTECHNIK Channel Conveyors are free-swinging, which means that the oscillation amplitude is freely adjustable according to the mass ratio of the trough box and unbalance. Linear vibrating Channel Conveyors have a selectable design angle and are therefore flexible in terms of the inclination of the conveyor trough, from horizontal to steeply inclined.

Our FG (double unbalance gearbox) and FR (unbalance motor) series Channel Conveyors transport almost any material and can be supplied with a maximum usable conveyor trough width of up to 5500 mm.

The speed and vibration amplitude of the linear vibrating Channel Conveyors can be adjusted to the specific product in order to minimize wear and optimize the distribution of the conveyed material.

The trough box, consisting of side walls, transverse components and conveyor trough, absorbs all static and dynamic forces. Vibration generation is not located in the center of gravity of the vibratory machine; instead, double unbalance gears or unbalance motors are mounted on a drive bridge. It is important that the resulting direction of force action passes through the center of gravity of the entire vibratory machine.

The linear vibrating conveyors are driven via a V-belt drive with a reduction gear or via a direct drive using a cardan shaft. The double unbalance gears are oil-filled. The unbalance motors have lifetime grease lubrication.

The entire vibration machine is elastically supported on spring elements against the substructure. Various systems of spiral compression springs, rubber buffers, vibration elements or air bellows are possible here, which can also be combined if required.

For dusty screenings, we can supply Channel Conveyors with dust hoods on request. Bunker discharge chutes can be supplied with bunker shoes, needle valves or suspensions.

The robust design using and combining standard components ensures a high degree of flexibility and customer-oriented solutions on the one hand, and on the other hand produces machines with low-maintenance running times and a long service life.

Accessories for Screening Machines – Channel Conveyor

An extensive range of accessories is available for all SIEBTECHNIK channel conveyors. Whether wear protection, vibration protection frames, air suspension, dust protection, drive consoles, double unbalance gears, hybrid suspension, unbalance motors or customer-specific special designs – with its decades of experience, SIEBTECHNIK achieves the best result for your requirements.

Of course, our machines can be perfectly combined and offer the optimum solution as a package.

Ask us, we are here for you.



SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
Förderrinne FG 12-5 33 60-5 im Einsatz vor Ort
Förderrinne FG 12-5 33 60-5 im Einsatz vor Ort
SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
SIEBTECHNIK conveyor trough FG 12-5_33_60-5_in use on site
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