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Analytical Screening

Air jet screens, throw screens and flat screens for screened material quantities from a few grams to several hundred kilograms

Analytical screening machines View of the screening tower and zirconium oxide beads

Our portfolio of machine types is as diverse as the areas of application for test sieve shakers. Air jet sieves, throw sieves and flat sieves for sieving material quantities from a few grams to several hundred kilograms. Classic with manual test sieve/sieve box or in a continuous version.

Determination of the grain or particle size distribution of bulk materials via screening machines in-line or off-line

For the analysis of particle size distributions, we offer different screening machines for many tasks. Our range of applications for sieving analyses extends from fine powdered pharmaceutical products to coarse material from mines, smelters, quarries and the recycling sector. We also offer machines for the analytical sieving of electrostatically charged (e.g. plastics), moist (e.g. gravel), fragile, plate-like and porous materials.

We offer solutions for all branches of industry – and the standards established there!

For our screening machines, screen boxes and test sieves, we offer a large selection of wire cloths, round and square hole meshes or bars. No matter what industry you are in, we have the right solution for you.

Air jet sieve SLS with app control

Airjet screen SLS

The Airjet screen SLS is used to classify products that are difficult to screen, especially in the particle size range < 250 µm

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The ASM 200 test sieve shaker in the laboratory. One machine with and the other without sieve tower.

Sieve Shaker ASM

Our ASM sieve shakers are throw sieve shakers, they are used for the automatic sieving of all screenable bulk materials into individual grain fractions for the reproducible determination of grain size distributions.

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LAVIB analytical screening machine for classifying fibrous and flat bulk materials - machine on a table, screening tower with 7 screens, three screens in front of it

Test sieve shaker LAVIB

The LAVIB 300 test sieve shaker is primarily used for classifying fibrous and plate-like bulk materials, such as those found in the wood, spice, tobacco and plastics industries, as well as in milling and brewing.

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Large test sieve shaker GAS 500 - machine closed, machine without lid and sieve frame

Large test sieve shaker GAS

The large test sieve shakers are designed for applications in which particle sizes larger than 40 mm must be reliably determined for analysis quantities of > 15 kg.

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