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Sample comminution in the laboratory

Brittle, fibrous or plastic materials ground to analytical fineness

Jaw crusher with integrated divider - a container is removed from the dividing device, you can see the crushed limestone

Low-contamination, easy to inspect and clean machines for sample preparation in the laboratory for reproducible analyses. Many machines available with app operation.

What are the advantages of using the app?

Depending on the machine and version, the app can be used to

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) can be saved
  • scales can be integrated for the transfer of weighing values
  • evaluates grain size analyses and graphically displays grain size distributions in diagrams
  • the set gap width is displayed for crushers/mills
  • the speed can be changed for speed-controlled drives
  • Accessory products can also be switched
  • the operating instructions can be called up
  • a direct spare parts request can be started
  • Sample/machine data can be exported via csv file

The app and firmware can be updated and can therefore be kept up to date.

If you are not interested in a Laboratory Equipment that can be operated via a smartphone, we also offer operation via an HMI with start and stop buttons as an alternative to a smartphone.

Die automatische SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Scheibenschwingmühle TS 1000 A - Probe einfüllen, mahlen und vermahlene Probe im Becher entnehmen. Das Mahlgefäß muss nicht mehr entnommen werden

Automatic vibratory disk mill

We now make your work even easier: fill in the sample, grind and remove the ground sample in the beaker! This eliminates the need for your employees to handle the heavy grinding vessels.

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Scheibenschwingmühle TS 1200 - P Mahlraum geoeffnet

Vibratory disk mill

The standard in sample preparation for fast, loss-free and reproducible ultrafine comminution and homogenization of samples.

Available in many different versions, from manual to fully automatic!

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Einschwingenbrecher / Backenbrecher EB150x100 TL im Labor. Der Mahlraum des Gerätes ist geöffnet, 2 Teilaggregate stehen neben dem Gerät. Das Smartphone mit App Steuerung ist eingeschaltet und Betriebsbereit

Jaw crusher – Laboratory

Our jaw crushers for coarse crushing of brittle, medium-hard to hard materials are now also available with an integrated divider.

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Hammermühle HM1-L mit geschlossener bzw geöffneter Fronttür

Hammer- / cutting mill

High-speed machines for impact/crushing or shearing/cutting Crushing & Milling. Processing of soft to medium-hard and fibrous materials, as well as in the recycling of multi-material components

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Zweiwalzenmühle WS 250x150-L mit innovativer App Steuerung

Two-roller mill – Laboratory

Gentle Crushing & Milling, production of small quantities of fines, hardly any increase in product temperature, rollers available in many materials.

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA single roller mill in the laboratory version

Single roller mill – Laboratory

Slow speed shredder for coarse shredding of large, coarse sample quantities to < 10 mm. The crushing roller can be fitted with crushing combs instead of crushing bars to improve the feed behavior.

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Kegelmühle KM 65 mit und ohne Teilvorrichtung

Cone crusher – Laboratory

The Cone crusher as a slow-running crushing machine is used when, for example, cubic grain is to be produced, thermally sensitive products or very hard materials need to be crushed.

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Scheibenmühle SBM 200 - die Maschine ist geschlossen man sieht den Aufgabetrichter

Disc mill

Gentle fine shredding of soft to hard materials using a slowly rotating disk

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Universalmühle UM 150 zur Feinzerkleinerung von trockenen, spröden, mittelharten Materialien

Multi-purpose mill

The Multi-purpose mill UM 150 is used for the fine grinding of dosed, dry, brittle, medium-hard materials < 15 mm up to a Mohs hardness of approx. 6.

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA drum mill TTS with open lid and block on the drum

Drum mills

Dry and wet grinding with loose grinding media. Grinding media and drum lining available in many materials.
Available in a continuous version or as a batch mill.

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Vibratory bowl mill GSM 06 for fine and ultra-fine size reduction of brittle and fibrous materials

Vibrating mill

The GSM 06 is a Vibrating mill that is used for fine and ultra-fine grinding & homogenization, as well as for cell disruption.

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA ESM 194-1bs eccentric vibratory mill for use in laboratories and research institutes

Eccentric vibrating mills – Laboratory

The Eccentric vibrating mills type ESM impress with their high performance and reliability in a wide range of applications and feed materials in the field of mechano-chemical activation and ultrafine grinding.

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