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Multi-purpose mill

Fine comminution in the laboratory

Universalmühle UM 150, Blick auf die Mahlbahn mit Rotor und Spaltsiebeinsatz

The Multi-purpose mill UM 150 is used for the fine grinding of dosed, dry, brittle, medium-hard materials < 15 mm up to a Mohs hardness of approx. 6.

How does the Multi-purpose mill work?

The comminution effect is based on an impact, bounce and shear stress that is generated between the fast-rotating rotor and the toothed grinding track.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

Crushing & Milling of the fed material takes place until it can pass through the slotted sieve insert with the suction air. This prevents overgrinding of fine material that has already been produced. The shredded material, which is removed with the suction air, is then separated via a cyclone in a sample collection bottle (500 cm³). As an option, a tube can be screwed in via the opening in the base of the housing instead of the sample collection bottle, allowing a larger container to be installed underneath the machine.

For inspection and cleaning of the machine, the housing cover of the machine can be opened so that the grinding chamber and cyclone are fully visible. The damper-supported cover is monitored for the safety of the operator and causes the brake motor to stop immediately when it is opened. The slotted screen inserts, which are decisive for the fineness of the end product, can be inserted into the corresponding cut-out in the grinding track when the cover is open.


Universalmühle UM 150 zur Feinzerkleinerung von trockenen, spröden, mittelharten Materialien
Universalmühle UM 150
Universalmühle UM 150, Blick auf die Mahlbahn mit Rotor und Spaltsiebeinsatz
Universalmühle UM 150 Mahlbahn mit Rotor und Spaltsiebeinsatz
Universalmühle UM 150, die für die Feinheit maßgeblichen Spaltsiebeinsätze können leicht gewechselt werden
Universalmühle UM 150, Mahlbahn - Rotor entfernt
Universalmühle UM 150, ein Öffnen des Deckels führt zu einer sofortigen Stillsetzung des Motors
Universalmühle UM 150
Universalmühle UM 150 Spaltsiebeinsatz
Universalmühle UM 150 Spaltsiebeinsatz
Universalmühle UM 150 - Rotor
Universalmühle UM 150 - Rotor
Universalmühle UM 150 mögliche Einsätze, Spaltsiebe, oder Lochplatten
Universalmühle UM 150, verschiedene Einsätze
Einschwingenbrecher / Backenbrecher EB150x100 TL im Labor. Der Mahlraum des Gerätes ist geöffnet, 2 Teilaggregate stehen neben dem Gerät. Das Smartphone mit App Steuerung ist eingeschaltet und Betriebsbereit

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