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Drum mills

For fine and ultra-fine shredding

TTS drum mill in 2 different sizes

Drum mills are used for fine and ultra-fine grinding of brittle materials. In addition to Crushing & Milling, discontinuously operated Drum mills also enable homogenization of the ground material.

How do Drum mills work?

Drum mills have a horizontally mounted grinding drum that rotates around a fixed pivot point. In this cylindrical working chamber there is a grinding media filling which is circulated by the rotating grinding drum. The grinding material fed in is crushed by the freely moving grinding media, mainly by pressure, impact and shearing. Balls or cylpebs are usually used for this purpose. For special applications, steel rods can also be used in appropriately modified grinding drums.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

The operating conditions that are decisive for Crushing & Milling are the grinding time, the drum speed and the filling levels. The usual speeds are in the range between 70% and 80% of the critical speed. In exceptional cases, both lower speeds (friction effect) and higher speeds (impact effect) in the range of 60% to 90% of the critical speed can be selected.

In addition to the speed, the grinding media and grinding material filling levels are also decisive for energy-efficient Crushing & Milling. The following standard values have proven themselves: Grinding media filling degree approx. 35% and grinding material filling approx. 25% in relation to the grinding drum volume. The discontinuous grinding drums are fed via an opening located on the shell of the grinding drum. This is designed with a quick-release fastener that can be opened and closed without tools.

To empty the discontinuous wet grinders, the sealing lid is replaced with a sieve insert (sieve) with a stopcock, then the grinding drum is positioned so that the sieve is at its lowest point. After opening the emptying tap, the upright grinding drum can be emptied. With the dry mills, the crushed finished product is discharged via the opening with an emptying grate, which is placed in place of the sealing lid, while the grinding drum is rotating. To collect the discharged material, the dry mills are equipped with a dust hood. It encloses the grinding drum and leads to a funnel-shaped outlet.

The grinding drum with shaft stubs welded on both sides is fixed to the mill stand via ball bearings. The grinding drum is driven by a shaft-mounted geared motor directly on the shaft. The dry mills are fitted with a dust cover that is firmly bolted to the mill stand. To ensure good accessibility to the grinding drum, the dust hoods are fitted with two flaps. Crushed material can be collected at the outlet of the funnel-shaped dust hood. The wet mills also have an enclosure for the grinding drum with two flaps. As with the dry mills, all the work required to fill and empty the grinding drum can be carried out without any problems.

The grinding drums are positioned in the filling or emptying position in inching mode or via an optional control system with automatic positioning.

Special equipment

  • Lining of the grinding drum with ceramic or a rubber coating for metal-free grinding of products
  • Grinding drums with double jacket, for temperature control of the grinding drum via an external cooling/heating circuit. For this purpose, a stub shaft is fitted with a rotary feed-through for the heat transfer medium. Instead of the double jacket, the grinding drum can also be equipped with an electric heating system for heating the grinding drum only
  • Hollow shaft with filter, for simulating the volatilization of grinding aids in laboratory drum mills
  • Continuous design of the Drum mills with two hollow shafts with screw spirals for continuous material feed and discharge



Continuous drum mill TNS 200 K
Continuous drum mill TNS 200 K
Drum mill TTS 50 in filling position with open lid
Drum mill TTS 50 in filling position with open lid
Drum mill TTS 50 with discharge grate
Drum mill TTS 50 with discharge grate
Drum mill TTS 50 with sealing lid
Drum mill TTS 50 with sealing lid
TTS drum mill in 2 different sizes
Drum mill TTS
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