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TURBOCASCADE sliding centrifuge

Centrifuge for granulates

TURBOCASCADE sliding centrifuge with filtrate cyclone

The TURBOCASCADE sliding centrifuge is a special unit that is mainly used for dewatering granular particles.

The main applications of these machines are polymer pellets, which are separated extremely gently from the transport water or from a suspension. Despite a short dwell time of the products in the centrifuge, final moistures of up to 0.05% are achieved.

The TURBOCASCADE is a robust, high-performance centrifuge. Installation and maintenance are extremely straightforward.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

During operation, the solid particles glide through the stepped screen basket. The stress on the polymer granulate as well as the product abrasion are very low. This is achieved primarily through special material guidance and with our Conidur® or OPTIMA screen elements.

Nevertheless, the separation is intensive and a very low residual moisture content is achieved through purely mechanical separation.

The centrifuge is usually operated together with an adjustable pre-dewatering system to separate some of the transport water before the centrifuge. This significantly increases the capacity of the TURBOCASCADE. The space requirement of the centrifuge is small in relation to its separation capacity.

Equipment variants

Depending on the requirements and operating conditions, we use Conidur® perforated plates or slotted screens as screening elements, which do not clog with granulate spikes or fibers due to their self-cleaning properties.
We also design
the TURBOCASCADE to be gas or vapor-tight. The recirculated air flow is first freed of entrained water in a cyclone before it is returned to the housing. Thanks to this design principle, heat losses in the centrifuge are very low. The dewatered solids can be discharged in any position – vertically or horizontally – according to customer requirements.

Hygenic Design | CIP

for processes with the highest hygienic requirements

The name SIEBTECHNIK TEMA is inseparably connected with dewatering tasks under the highest hygienic requirements. The separation of breadcrumbs from frying oil at temperatures of approx. 200°C with the SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge, the centrifugation of lactose crystals for the production of baby food with the SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge and the CONTURBEX screen scroll centrifuge or the production of high-purity inorganic salts with our CONTURBEX and pusher centrifuges are just a few examples. Design features include technical separation of the drive and process areas of the centrifuge, advanced sealing systems that are easy to clean by CIP.

To optimize centrifuges for hygienic applications or in areas where CIP must prevent cross-contamination, we use riboflavin tests to verify and optimize cleaning results.

In-house developed and USDA-certified CIP nozzles, in-house developed hygienic fittings, special hygienic surfaces or our sophisticated USDA-compliant sealing technology make many dewatering tasks possible with our centrifuges.

Explosion protection | Inertization

Inerting our machines and systems can be necessary for a variety of reasons. In many industrial processes, it is necessary for safety reasons to reliably prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere caused by dust or gases (ATEX).

In addition, it may be necessary to seal and blanket product spaces with inert gas, such as nitrogen (N₂) or carbon dioxide (CO₂), to prevent oxidation and maintain product quality.

Take advantage of the decades of cross-industry experience of SIEBTECHNIK specialists in sealing and inerting the process chambers of your centrifuges.
We are happy to work with our customers to develop an inerting concept for the integration of our machines into existing or planned systems.

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System Solutions

System solutions, everything from one source, directly from the OEM.

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