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Representative reduction of the sample quantity

Rotary pipe divider in limestone quarry - plant for the production of crushed stone and chippings

We have various devices in our range for dividing samples. With the Turnstile divider, the Rotary divider and the Rotary pipe divider, you can divide a wide variety of sample materials. From coarse coke to highly caked fine coal to finely ground quicklime, we have the right Splitter for you in our range.

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Pay attention to this when Splittering

As with the samplers, the same principle applies to the Dividers: each grain must have an equal chance of getting into the “analysis sample” to ensure a requirement for representative division.

Furthermore, the grain size and homogeneity of the product must be in proportion to the reduced sample quantity. Many standards already specify this for different materials.

Minimum gap widths, speeds and product properties must also be observed.

The requirements for the overall pitch ratios, variable pitch ratios and installation conditions also play a role in selecting the most suitable divider for the task.

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Rotary pipe divider in limestone quarry - plant for the production of crushed stone and chippings

Rotary pipe divider

With the Rotary pipe divider, the evenly metered material flow is distributed to a funnel-shaped cone via an inclined rotating pipe.

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Turnstile divider TYPE DKT - appliance closed, material falls into the top of the appliance

Turnstile divider

Depending on the design, the fed material is first homogenized and metered to the dividing plate. The material is divided using rotary arms, which distribute the material on a dividing plate.

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Rotary divider in the coal-fired power plant

Rotary divider

The evenly metered material flows against a rotating disk with openings.

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