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Sampling Equipment for Conveyor Systems

Uninterrupted sampling from continuously operated processes.

Lumps of hard coal on a conveyor belt on the way to sampling

We offer you solutions for forming a representative bulk sample. Our samplers for taking primary samples from/on the conveyor belt are just the beginning!

Hammer and slotted vessel sampler

The transport of bulk goods such as ores, fertilizers, minerals, wood chips, pelletized products, … are transported over short/medium distances using conveyor systems.

In order to determine the product quality of these moving bulk materials, the material cross-sections must be fully recorded. To do this, either a sample spoon on the belt discharge is moved through the material cross-section or a sample hammer is moved in a circular motion across the belt. In both cases, a single sample is obtained that is representative of the cross-section at the time of sampling.

Our spoon sampler or slotted vessel sampler installed in a system for bulk solids - the device is in the waiting position outside the product flow

Slotted-vessel samplers

The Slotted-vessel sampler, also known as a slotted-vessel sampler, is used to sample materials at the belt head or at the belt transfer point.

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Hammer sampler HPN for sampling in the aluminum industry

Hammer sampler

The Hammer sampler is used for sampling materials from belt conveyors.

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