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Turbidity sampler

For pipes and channels up to 800 mm in diameter

Trübeprobenehmer in einer Anlage für Erzkonzentrat

The turbidity sampler is used to take turbidity samples from vertical channels or pipes across the entire chute cross-section.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

With the turbidity sampler, representative sampling is carried out by a sample chute that is guided through the material flow in a circular motion at a constant speed. While the sample chute rotates through the material flow, a partial flow is continuously separated and led to the outside. The sample material obtained in this way can be collected via a pipe socket and processed further. The waiting position of the sample chute between two samplings is inside the material chamber, but outside the main product flow, so that constant contact between the sample chute and the material flow is excluded, also with regard to wear.

The sample chute can be driven either by a geared motor or a pneumatic cylinder.

In contrast to the Downpipe / slurry sampler Type FPN / TPN for dry or wet bulk solids, the sample chute can be made flatter for turbid or suspensions, which reduces the installation height and thus offers more scope for installation.


Trübeprobenehmer in einer Anlage für Erzkonzentrat
Trübeprobenehmer TPN für Erzkonzentrat
Fallrohrprobenehmer Prinzip-Skizze 3D
Fallrohrprobenehmer / Trübeprobenehmer Prinzip-Skizze 3D
Ein Fallrohrprobenehmer Typ FPN von SIEBTECHNIK TEMA in einer Anlage für Branntkalk

Downpipe / slurry sampler

Sampling of bulk solids / sludge across the entire chute cross-section from vertical chutes / pipes.

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Fallrohrschwenkprobenehmer von außen, Nahaufnahme, 3D Animation

Downpipe swivel sampler

Taking bulk material samples over the entire chute cross-section for low installation heights.

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Löffelprobenehmer für Trüben in einer Anlage

Spoon sampler for turbidity

This spoon sampler is used for sampling sludge at the free pipe, channel or sump outlet.

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