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Pneumatic Tube System

Fully automatic transport of your bulk material samples

Pneumatic tube system with manual transmitter/receiver station and fully automatic transmitter station

Optimize your internal logistics with our state-of-the-art Pneumatic Tube System. Fast and safe transportation of your bulk material samples to the laboratory. Reduced personnel deployment, increased hygiene and environmental friendliness. Experience the future of internal logistics now!

How does a Pneumatic Tube System work?

The fully automatic transport of bulk material samples to the laboratory is carried out by our Pneumatic Tube Systems, which are individually designed and manufactured for your spatial conditions. The material sample transferred from the sampling system is automatically filled into a conveying box. It is then transported to the desired location via a transport tube system, which can be several hundred meters long. There, the conveyor box is automatically opened and the material sample is emptied. The sample obtained in this way can be further processed in the automatic sample preparation systems that we also manufacture, such as the automatic grinding and pressing system for the production of test specimens for XRF/XRD analysis.

Customized control of the Pneumatic Tube System

The control system of a Pneumatic Tube System is of particular importance, as it is not only responsible for the correct functioning of the individual machines and their interaction, but must also take over the sample documentation. The control system must therefore be adapted to your operational requirements on the basis of our standard procedures.

This means that the documentation is tailored to your requirements and seamless tracking is ensured even in the event of a malfunction.

Fully automatic transmitter station

The fully automatic sending station can be used to fill a bulk material sample into a feed can without manual intervention and feed it into the Pneumatic Tube System’s transport tube. For this purpose, the empty conveying box is automatically removed from the conveyor tube, opened and placed under a sample material filler neck. After filling with sample material, the feed bush is closed again and inserted into the guide tube. A geared motor and several pneumatic cylinders are used to reliably position the conveyor bush at the internal stations.

Depending on the sampling situation, mixers and dosing devices can be connected upstream of the fully automatic sending station. The mixer mixes the subsamples taken by the sampler. The dosing device in turn separates a partial quantity from this collective sample to ensure a sufficient quantity for the subsequent processes in the laboratory.

Guide tube switch

To be able to connect several transmitter stations to a receiver station in the laboratory, for example, it is necessary to install guide tube switches. Up to four transmitter stations can be connected to one receiver station with the guide tube switch. A geared motor is used to position the preselected direction of travel.


By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
Pneumatic tube system with manual transmitter/receiver station and fully automatic transmitter station
Pneumatic tube system, manual transmitter/receiver station MSE 600, fully automatic transmitter station VS 600
Manual transmitter/receiver station and cover puller as part of a pneumatic tube system
Manual transmitter/receiver station, type MSE 600 and cover remover
Pneumatic tube system Manual sending/receiving station open with delivery box and optional cover puller
Manual sending/receiving station with feed box and lid puller
Pneumatic tube system Side channel blower
Side channel blower
Pneumatic tube conveyor
Feed bush for pneumatic tube systems
Pneumatic tube system Tubular switch
Tubular track switch, type FRW 600
Pneumatic tube system Tubular switch Exterior view
Tubular track switch, type FRW 600
Pneumatic tube system Fully automatic transmitter station from outside and open
Fully automatic transmitter station, type VS 600
Sampling on moving conveyed goods, sample preparation via crushers, mills and sub-devices to the laboratory sample, sample transport via pneumatic tube systems, sample preparation with vibratory disk mills and tablet presses to the analysis sample.
Sampling and sample preparation system, incl. pneumatic tube system
Die SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Automatische Mahl- und Pressanlage welche alle Vorgänge von der Vorzerkleinerung faustgroßer Probenmaterialien, der Teilung, der Feinstvermahlung und der Verpressung des Pulvers zu einer Tablette in einem Gerät vereint.

Automatic milling and pressing system (AMP)

The fully automatic grinding and pressing system can be used to convert bulk material samples into test specimens for an XRF or XRD analyzer.

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Different core samples - you can see different broken core samples from core drillings in a sorting box


In the industrial sampling and sample preparation of bulk materials and suspensions of all kinds, we plan and manufacture sample taking & sample preparation systems individually tailored to your requirements.

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Plant image: SIEBTECHNIK TEMA sieve screw centrifuge type CONTURBEX and a fluidized bed dryer from TEMA Process

System Solutions

System solutions, everything from one source, directly from the OEM.

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