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Laboratory Centrifuges

High-performance centrifuges for the laboratory

CENTRILAB laboratory centrifuge

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers two different Laboratory Centrifuges for laboratory-scale tests and for the preparation of small quantities.


The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA CENTRIFLEX centrifuge is a versatile laboratory centrifuge.
The CENTRIFLEX can be used to investigate the separability of suspensions in a centrifugal field. On the
basis of such laboratory tests, it is possible to
select a centrifuge type and scale the size of the centrifuge.

The CENTRIFLEX is characterized by very short start and stop times (a few seconds, depending on the selected g-force). Our Laboratory Centrifuges can be used to simulate filter and sedimentation centrifuges as well as continuous or discontinuous centrifuges through appropriate experiments. Appropriate bucket inserts are inserted into the centrifuge for this purpose.
In addition, the CENTRIFLEX can be used for a wide range of preparative work. With the appropriate Accessories for Screening Machines, it can be used for filtration, washing, clarification and continuous separation of two liquids as well as for the production of emulsions.


The CENTRILAB was developed on the basis of the CENTRIFLEX Laboratory Centrifuges and is used exclusively for investigating the separability of suspensions in the centrifugal field. The selection of the centrifuge type as well as the size scaling of the centrifuge is possible on the basis of corresponding laboratory tests. With the CENTRILAB, practically all centrifugal separators can be easily tested or simulated with small quantities of material.
Compared to the CENTRIFLEX, the CENTRILAB is characterized by significantly shorter start and stop times. It
is possible to accelerate the product to be analyzed to the maximum g-force within one second. This means that continuous centrifuges, which are usually operated with short material dwell times, can be simulated very accurately in tests or simulations.

Operating behavior & mechanical properties


The CENTRIFLEX is characterized by an extremely robust mechanical design and a fully electronic control system. Practically any type of centrifugal separator can be easily tested or simulated with small quantities of material. Essential operating parameters – g-force, dwell time, cake thickness – can be exactly reproduced in the test.

The CENTRIFLEX is accelerated to nominal speed in the shortest possible time and braked to a standstill under electrical control. Either a soft stop or a quick stop is possible. Precise centrifuging times can be achieved with the automatic quick-stop function. The centrifuge is controlled via a clear touch screen control panel with digital display of speed, spin time and operating status. Automatic or manual operation with time measurement can be selected.

The CENTRIFLEX is designed as a free-standing unit for user-friendly loading and filling. The storage recess at the front of the housing provides a protected storage area for collecting containers for centrate or filtrate disposal.

The centrifuge is of course equipped with an electric lid lock, so that access to the rotating parts is only possible when the machine is at a standstill.

The menu item Equipment variants describes the many possible applications of the CENTRIFLEX in the laboratory and pilot plant for the production of smaller product quantities.


The CENTRILAB has a very robust mechanical design and a fully electronic control system. Acceleration and dwell times can be preselected to the nearest tenth of a second via a touchscreen. To avoid product turbulence during the tests, the CENTRILAB is equipped with a specially developed soft start/stop function.

The CENTRILAB is designed as a portable table-top device. The centrifuge is of course equipped with an electric lid lock so that access to the rotating parts is only possible when the centrifuge is at a standstill.

CENTRIFLEX equipment variants

The CENTRIFLEX can be converted into the following variants in just a few simple steps using the appropriate Accessories for Screening Machines:

Beaker centrifuge
For investigating the sedimentation behavior of suspensions or the filtration behavior of solid cakes. The bottle holder of the centrifuge carries 2 bottles or 4 bottles with a capacity of 150 ml each. Depending on the application, full-jacketed beakers or filter beakers are used.
The following filter media can be inserted into the filter beakers:

  • CONIDUR® slotted perforated sheets
  • Laser perforated sheets
  • Wedge wire screens
  • Filter paper

Beaker centrifuge (bottle centrifuge) with rotating feed system
When using beakers, the centrifuge can also be equipped with a co-rotating feed system, which enables filling during operation. Washing tests can also be carried out in the filtration beaker insert. In conjunction with windows in the beaker walls and a special stroboscope lamp (both optional), filtration and sedimentation processes can also be monitored and evaluated visually.

Screen centrifuge with wash tube
The centrifugal screen insert can be used to separate solids from liquids.
For this purpose, the drum is equipped with a wire mesh insert and a filter bag (the use of CONIDUR®, laser and slotted screen inserts is also possible).
The solids cake can be washed or neutralized using an effervescent tube
after the liquids
have been centrifuged out.

Solid bowl centrifuge with overflow weir
or additionally with peeler tube. As a sedimentation centrifuge, it is used in a variety of applications for clarifying liquids, especially if the solids are difficult to settle and longer centrifugation times are required as a result.
After solids sedimentation, the floating liquid can be discharged through a peeler pipe. Without a peel tube, the full-jacket drum can also be used as an overflow centrifuge for decanting liquids.


CENTRILAB laboratory centrifuge
CENTRILAB laboratory centrifuge
CENTRIFLEX laboratory centrifuge
CENTRIFLEX laboratory centrifuge
CENTRIFLEX laboratory centrifuge
CENTRIFLEX laboratory centrifuge
CENTRILAB laboratory centrifuge
CENTRILAB laboratory centrifuge
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