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H Series – Fine Coal Centrifuge

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Fine coal centrifuge

Discover the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA H-Series Fine Coal Centrifuge, designed for effective and reliable coal dewatering. Our centrifuge features a horizontal, high-gravity design for consistent performance. Improve your coal processing with a solution built on a century of engineering expertise.

Our H-Series for Fine Coal

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA H-Series Fine Coal Centrifuge is a high capacity, horizontally rotating high gravitational force centrifuge. This centrifuge is a continuously operating screen scroll type in which slurry solids are retained on its screen. The distinctive design facilitates the transport of particles across the screen basket, from the smaller to the larger diameter end, due to the inclined angle of the basket and the differential speed of the scroll.

The unique functional principle of a pre-accelerated suspension feed onto the screening device, combined with homogeneous distribution by means of the scroll (worm), enables the centrifuge to handle complex dewatering tasks. Such a design not only facilitates maintenance, but is also critical for fast service, minimizing production downtimes. In addition, its optimum center of gravity position ensures vibration-free operation with high throughput rates, thus increasing operational efficiency.

Operating Mechanics

To dewater fine coal, the coal slurry is fed into the smaller inner diameter of the scroll feed cone. It is then evenly distributed by centrifugal force into the flighting channels between the scroll and screen basket. The high gravitational force generated by the centrifuge forces the liquid portion of the feed slurry to pass through the screen. At the same time, the formed solids cake bed is continuously rotated and swept outward, culminating in the discharge of the final product at the larger outer diameter of the screen basket.

Customization and efficiency

Centrifuge performance in terms of capacity and cake dryness depends on the solids size range and dewatering characteristics. Our engineering team is available to analyze your specific fines feed characteristics and provide customized advice to achieve optimum product moisture levels.


Core Components

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Fine Coal Centrifuges include key components such as:

  • A robust base assembly that connects to the floor and supports various other assemblies.
  • A two-chamber discharge housing for effective separation of solids and liquids.
  • A gear housing that houses critical operating elements and serves as an oil sump.
  • A reducer gear (cyclo gearbox) designed for efficient and differential speed operation.
  • A screen basket and scroll assembly that ensures precise separation of solids and liquids.
  • A torque limiter to protect the gear assembly from overloading.
  • An advanced lubrication system for optimum operation of moving parts.
  • A main drive system that is expertly designed for reliable operation, featuring an integrated motor setup for optimal performance and efficiency.


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