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Vacuum dewatering screening machine

For special requirements regarding residual moisture

DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site

Our vacuum dewatering screening machine is an interesting alternative for special requirements regarding the residual moisture of sand, for example. It delivers lower residual moisture levels than linear motion screening machines, which are usually used for dewatering.

The perfect solution for demanding requirements

In the world of material dewatering, there are times when standard solutions are simply not enough. For applications with the highest demands on residual moisture, especially for materials such as sand, we present our vacuum dewatering screening machine.

Our screening machine offers you an alternative that sets standards. Thanks to its unique features, it delivers lower residual moisture levels compared to conventional linear motion vibrating screens that are commonly used in dewatering. This machine is based on the “twin-shaft screening machine” drive concept, as higher speeds can be achieved with this type of vibration generation. Higher speeds combined with a pneumatic vacuum system have a significant influence on the achievable residual moisture.

DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine installed in a system for dewatering sand
DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site

What makes our vacuum dewatering screening machine stand out?

Our vacuum dewatering screening machine is the solution for customers who place the highest demands on the dewatering of materials. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient and customized solution, rely on our proven technology.

Customized concept

We know that every application is unique. Our screening machine can be customized to your specific requirements and processes to ensure it is perfectly integrated into your system.

Very low residual moisture

Our screening machines deliver exceptionally low residual moisture levels, which is invaluable in applications such as sand dewatering.

Good vibration isolation

Thanks to our advanced vibration isolation technology, you can rely on quiet, low-vibration operation.

Robust construction

We attach great importance to durability and reliability. Our screening machines are robustly constructed and designed for tough industrial use.

Optimally coordinated drive concept

Our drive concept has been specially developed to maximize efficiency and minimize energy consumption.

Low maintenance and easy to repair

We know that time and resources are precious. That’s why we have designed our screening machines to be low-maintenance and easy to repair if necessary.

Can be integrated into existing systems

Seamless integration into your existing systems is another advantage that saves time and money.



DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site
DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site
Dewatering sand on the DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine
DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site
DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site
DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site
DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine installed in a system for dewatering sand
DWS vacuum dewatering screening machine - on site
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