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Suspension control screening machine SKS

Control sieving in a closed container, even under pressure

Control screening machine SKS - Suspension screening machine

With our slit or fabric cylinders, flowing from the inside to the outside, we reliably retain everything in suspensions that cannot pass through them!

Separation in the SKS takes place without scrapers or punches, which are subject to wear and can also reduce the service life of the screening medium, especially with abrasive media.

How does the Suspension control screening machine SKS work?

The suspension is fed into the SKS centrally from above and flows through a slotted or fabric filter cylinder from the inside to the outside. The foreign matter is retained by the filter insert and collects in it. The particles retained by the filter insert are shaken off by the vibration generated by two unbalanced motors, so that mechanical cleaning using screws, paddles or similar can be dispensed with. The unwanted material retained by the filter cylinder can be drained via a drain valve.

Accessories for Screening Machines

The Suspension Control Screening Machines can be supplied to suit your requirements:

  • with motors in Ex version for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • with various underframes
  • as a completely ready-to-connect unit with pump and control mounted on a frame


Operating behavior & mechanical features

The product to be sieved is fed into the vibrating container either freely or axially via a pressure-controlled pump. In the tank, the suspension flows through a filter element from the inside to the outside, whereby particles that are too coarse are retained. Due to the vibration of the container, these are detached from the filter element and collect in the lower part of the container due to gravity. The foreign matter must be periodically removed by means of a drain cock.

In the manual version, this is indicated to the operator when a limit value is reached on the pressure gauge. In the automated version, a solenoid valve is opened when the set limit value is reached, which opens the foreign matter discharge.

The suspension Control Screening Machines have a stainless steel tank that can be pressurized up to 5 bar. Two maintenance-free unbalance motors are attached to the side of this container, which generate a linear oscillation. This type of vibration ensures that the boundary grain is reliably cleaned from the slotted screen basket. Further mechanical cleaning of the slotted screen basket using paddles or similar is therefore not necessary. Naturally, requirements such as easy cleaning of the container when changing products due to smooth surfaces and no obstructive edges have also been implemented, as has the minimal effort required to change the screen insert, which can be removed without any additional tools after loosening the flange connection.



Control screening machine SKS - Suspension screening machine
Control screening machine SKS - Suspension screening machine
Control screening machine SKS 202 with diaphragm pump
Control screening machine SKS 202 with diaphragm pump
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