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Steel sieve trays


STEINHAUS LONGVITA press-welded mesh and HARFE fabric-like sieve base

Our sister company Steinhaus GmbH offers various steel screen panels. These are categorized as “standard wire cloth” and “self-cleaning wire cloth”

REKORD sieve trays

SOLIDA pressure welded mesh


LONGVITA® screen panels are one-sided smooth screen panels made of round wires, with a smooth top side and a large open screening surface. They are particularly suitable for classifying abrasive screenings with mesh openings of 5 to 100 mm, as well as for a higher proportion of coarse-grained material in the boundary grain range.

Chrome-nickel steel. Special materials on request.

Self-cleaning wire mesh

Wherever technically possible, polyurethane screens have almost completely replaced steel screens.

Nevertheless, steel screens are the screening medium of choice in many applications and cannot yet be replaced.

A major advantage of wire screens is the larger open screening surface compared to polyurethane screens. If, for example, a very high throughput rate is to be achieved with a small screening machine, wire screens can be the solution.

As the screenings fall onto a narrow, hard wire, cohesive screenings break apart very easily. The use of wire screens is advisable for dry screening of sticky screenings.

The positive effect of self-cleaning is perfected with Steinhaus self-cleaning wire mesh.


HARFEN: Fabric-like sieve trays

For screening moist, difficult-to-screen material with a predominantly round or cubic grain shape on screening machines and other screening equipment. Applications e.g. for moist sand, sand-lime brick, marl, magnesite, dolomite, olivine, fireclay, phosphate, fertilizers, salts, plastic granulates, etc.

With HARFEN screen panels, self-cleaning is achieved by the knocking effect of the screenings and by the natural vibration and cutting action of the screen wires.

HARFENs significantly increase the throughput rate of the screening machine due to the large free screening surface.

TRIA® TRIAPLAST® SERPENTI: Fabric-like sieve trays

TRIA and SERPENTI screen panels have an excellent self-cleaning effect due to the relative movement of the screen wires.

In contrast to harp sieves with slotted sieve openings, TRIA and SERPENTI achieve good sieving results even with elongated grain due to the horizontally corrugated sieve wires.

SERPENTI sieve trays have approximately square and TRIA sieve trays have approximately triangular sieve openings.

Due to their good self-cleaning effect, these fabric-like sieve trays are used successfully in the stone and earth industry, ore preparation and mining.

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