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Screw Sampler

Withdrawal of sample quantity as required

Schneckenprobenehmer SPN mit mechanischem Antrieb

Sampling from the falling product stream for fine-grained materials. Variable sample quantity due to the duration of sampling.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

Screw Sampler, Type SPN protrude into the material flow and take a punctual sample from the falling product.

Sampling is carried out via a sample collection tube projecting into the material flow, which is provided with openings into which material can fall. At the time of sampling, the screw conveyor first empties the sample collection tube in the direction of the material flow. After a defined emptying time, the screw reverses and conveys the sample material that has fallen into the sample collection tube into a pipe socket outside the main tube.

The term punctual sample is used because only a partial area of the product-bearing cross-section is recorded. Despite this partial detection, Screw Sampler, Type SPN can still generate representative samples. This is guaranteed, for example, if the product flow is homogeneous across the cross-section and none of the properties to be analyzed are linked to the particle size. However, if these are dependent on the particle size, we recommend using a sampler that covers the entire cross-section, such as our Downpipe / slurry sampler Type FPN / TPN.


Schneckenprobenehmer mit elektrischem Antrieb
Schneckenprobenehmer Typ SPN, elektrischer Antrieb
Schneckenprobenehmer mechanisch betrieben
Schneckenprobenehmer Typ SPN, mechanisch betrieben
Schneckenprobenehmer SPN mit mechanischem Antrieb
Schneckenprobenehmer SPN mit mechanischem Antrieb
Kolbenprobenehmer zhur punktuellen Entnahme einer Probe aus dem Materialstrom

Piston sampler

Sampling from the falling product stream for fine-grained materials. Defined sample quantity for each extraction.

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Unser Löffelprobenehmer oder auch Schlitzgefäßprobenehmer eingebaut in einer Anlage für Schüttgüter - das Gerät befindet sich in Warteposition außerhalb des Produktstroms

Slotted-vessel samplers

The Slotted-vessel sampler, also known as a slotted-vessel sampler, is used to sample materials at the belt head or at the belt transfer point.

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Mit dem Fallrohrlöffelprobenehmer erfolgt die repräsentative Probenahme durch den kompletten Rutschenquerschnitt.

Downpipe slot vessel sampler

Removal of fine-grained, non-abrasive bulk material samples across the entire chute cross-section for low installation heights.

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