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Jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher type single-toggle crusher EB 200x125

The right jaw crusher for every application – our selection makes it possible! SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers models for laboratory setups with integrated control, feed hopper and collection container (indicated by the -L at the end of the model designation), as well as variants that can be integrated into systems.

Areas of application for our jaw crushers

Jaw crushers are used for coarse crushing of brittle, medium-hard to hard materials up to a Mohs hardness of approx. 8.5. Depending on the model, crushing ratios of up to 1:200 are possible. All of our devices impress with many features that make your work easier.

Fixed crushing jaw, which is designed as a door

This enables the crushing chamber to be opened quickly without tools for cleaning, removal of impurities and full inspection of wear on the crusher jaws and side wear plates.

Infinitely adjustable crushing gap

This can be read off via a scale on the housing. The zero point of the scale can be readjusted if the crushing jaws are worn.

Reversible overload protection

From size EB 100×80-L

Crushing jaws can be rotated by 180

This doubles the service life of the crusher jaws, as the main wear usually occurs in the area of the smallest crushing gap.

Low-maintenance and lubricant-free Crushing & Milling

With the sealed and lifetime-lubricated bearings up to size EB 200×125-L.

Low-contamination Crushing & Milling with crushing jaws made of

Hard cast steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide or zirconium oxide

Operating behavior & mechanical features

Crushing & Milling in the Jaw crushers takes place in a wedge-shaped crushing chamber between a fixed and a movable crushing jaw. In the upper suspension, the movable crusher jaw is driven by an eccentric shaft and supported in the lower area by a continuously lockable eccentric shaft. Due to this special geometry, the crusher jaw performs an elliptical circular movement both in the upper suspension and at the discharge gap. Due to this sequence of movements, the crushing chamber is reduced with each rotation, which leads to material crushing, but is also enlarged so that material is loosened up and can slide down. The wedge-shaped form of the crushing chamber and the stroke specified by the eccentric shaft allow the material to slide deeper into the crushing chamber with each revolution until it can leave the crushing chamber crushed according to the set gap.

The arrangement of the movable crushing jaw enables both a high throughput rate and a high achievable final fineness, whereby this depends not only on the design but also on the size of the set discharge gap on the crusher and the crushing behavior of the crushed material.

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Crushing of Ferro Alloy - result of crushing using a jaw crusher
Crushing of Ferro-Alloy
SIEBTECHNIK TEMA jaw crusher type EB 30x25 in an industrial plant
Jaw crusher type EB 30x25
Jaw crusher type EB 30 x 25 - Plant photo
Jaw crusher type EB 30x 25
Jaw crusher type single-toggle crusher EB 200x125
Jaw crusher type EB 200x125
Einschwingenbrecher / Backenbrecher EB150x100 TL im Labor. Der Mahlraum des Gerätes ist geöffnet, 2 Teilaggregate stehen neben dem Gerät. Das Smartphone mit App Steuerung ist eingeschaltet und Betriebsbereit
Backenbrecher (Einschwingenbrecher) EB 150x100 TL
Verschiedene Größen von Backenbrechern / Einschwingenbrechern stehen nebeneinander
Einschwingenbrecher (Backenbrecher) EB in vier verschiedenen Größen. Von links nach rechts: EB300x250L - EB200x125L - EB150x100L - EB100x80L
Einschwingenbrecher / Backenbrecher EB150x100 TL im Labor. Der Mahlraum des Gerätes ist geöffnet, 2 Teilaggregate stehen neben dem Gerät. Das Smartphone mit App Steuerung ist eingeschaltet und Betriebsbereit

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