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Clinker sampler

With integrated separation of coarse material

Clinker sampler type KPN

Sampling from the falling product stream with separation of fine material.

Operating behavior & mechanical features

Clinker sampler, Type KPNS take a punctual sample from the falling product.

For this purpose, a sample spoon, which fills with sample material over a defined time, is pneumatically inserted into the product flow. When the sample spoon is withdrawn, it is scraped off by a scraper inside the sampler housing and the material sample is pre-classified via a rigid sieve grid.

The undersized and oversized material obtained from the sample material can be transferred via pipe sockets for further analysis. Any fraction that is not required can be fed directly back into the main material flow.

Piston sampler for selective sampling from the material flow

Piston sampler

Sampling from the falling product stream for fine-grained materials. Defined sample quantity for each extraction.

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Downpipe swivel sampler from outside, close-up, 3D animation

Downpipe swivel sampler

Taking bulk material samples over the entire chute cross-section for low installation heights.

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Screw sampler with electric drive

Screw Sampler

Sampling from the falling product stream for fine-grained materials. Variable sample quantity due to the duration of sampling.

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