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Control screening

Control is better

Control screening machine PERFLUX 801, view from diagonally above

Agglomerates and/or foreign matter contained in powders and suspensions that remain undetected, such as screws, cleaning rags and scraps of paper, can result in downtime or expensive repairs to machine and equipment parts. That’s why you can protect your production with our Control Screening Machines.

Areas of application

The range of applications of our Control Screening Machines can be applied so individually to your application with our diverse product range that there is hardly any area in bulk material/suspension handling that we cannot serve. Therefore, the following list can only offer a small excerpt of the possibilities:

Control screening machine PERFLUX 501 with hopper trough for paint screening

Control screening machine PERFLUX

As a police sieve or as a sieving station for small batch sieving, for example for powder processing in 3D printing.

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Control screening machine SKS - Suspension screening machine

Suspension control screening machine SKS

If agglomerates or foreign matter need to be removed from highly viscous, thixotropic or solvent-containing products in a completely closed system, the SKS is the first choice.

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CONFLUX tumbler screening machine in a technical center

Tumbler screening machine

The SIEBTECHNIK CONFLUX type C tumbler screening machine offers outstanding adaptability to the highest requirements and is used in fine and ultra-fine screening technology.

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