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Rohstoffgewinnung aus Salaren. Lithiumhaltiges Salzwasser aus unterirdischen Seen wird an die Oberfläche gebracht und in großen Becken verdunstet. Die verbleibende Salzlösung wird über mehrere Stufen weiterverarbeitet, bis das Lithium zum Einsatz in Batterien geeignet ist.

We know what we are talking about when it comes to lithium processing and therefore, in cooperation with Comi Condor and ALLGAIER Process Technology, we offer efficient solutions for the gentle processing of lithium derivatives. The focus is on continuous and discontinuous centrifuges and dryers that have been specially developed for washing and dewatering various lithium compounds.

What is lithium used for?

One of the best known applications of lithium is in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are widely used in cell phones, laptops, electric vehicles and many other electronic devices.

Due to their high energy density and efficiency, they are critical for powering electric vehicles, allowing for greater range and faster charging compared to other battery technologies.

Other applications include aerospace, pharmaceuticals and electrical engineering.

Schaubild "Sources of Lithium and its applications" Hier werden einige Anwendungsbeispiele von Lithiumderivaten vorgestellt.

How is Lithium Obtained?

Lithium is produced in a variety of ways, depending on whether it is obtained in its pure form or extracted from lithium compounds. The two main methods of extracting lithium are described below.

Extraction from ores

One method of obtaining lithium is to extract it from lithium-bearing ores.

  • Mining: In the first stage, the lithium mineral is extracted by mining. This involves removing the layers near the surface and extracting the lithium-bearing ore.
  • Processing: The extracted ore is then processed to separate the lithium minerals from other components. This can be done by crushing, screening, flotation, and other processes.
  • Extraction: The processed lithium minerals are treated with various chemicals to extract the lithium compounds. Lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide is often obtained.

Salt Lake Extraction

Another important method of lithium extraction is from salt lakes, also known as lithium brines. These lakes contain high concentrations of lithium compounds, especially lithium chloride.

  • Evaporation: The brine is pumped into special ponds or evaporation ponds. There it slowly evaporates through solar radiation, leaving the lithium in concentrated form.
  • Purification: The concentrated brine is purified and separated from other impurities to produce high quality lithium compounds such as lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide.

After extraction of lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide, further processes such as refining, electrolysis or conversion to other lithium compounds can be performed to produce the desired end products for various applications.

Prozessskizze: Rohstoffe für die Herstellung von Lithiumderivaten

Photo of a salt lake with a blue sky, clouds reflected in the water and mountains in the background
Lithium-ion battery for electric cars

Centrifuges and Dryers for Lithium Applications

Lithium 3 – Perfect Match

Our expertise in lithium processing is undisputed. That is why we have entered into close partnerships with COMI CONDOR and ALLGAIER Process Technology to take our solutions to an even higher level, especially for lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate projects.

Through these strategic partnerships, we are able to offer not only our proven continuous SIEBTECHNIK TEMA centrifuges, such as the CONTURBEX screen scroll centrifuge or the SHS pusher centrifuge, and ALLGAIER Process Technology fluidized bed dryers, but also discontinuous horizontal and vertical peeler centrifuges in the battery materials sector.

This allows for optimal streamlining of processes, minimization of interfaces and comprehensive support from our experienced process team, providing clear advantages for plant manufacturers and operators.

Our combined expertise enables us to offer complete solutions for the dewatering and drying of various lithium derivatives. The focus is on continuous and discontinuous centrifuges and dryers designed specifically for the gentle purification and dewatering of various lithium compounds.

Schema: Salz Separation aus Lithiumsole mit SIEBTECHNIK TEMA CONTURBEX und SHS Zentrifugen sowie Trocknern von TEMA Process

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Wear Protection

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA centrifuges are specially optimized for the respective separation task. When selecting materials, austenitic and ferritic stainless steels have proven themselves in centrifuge construction for applications subject to normal stresses.

For processes in which abrasive materials are processed, the centrifuges must be provided with effective wear protection. Starting with hard coal processing, we have been continuously developing wear protection systems since 1922.

Our centrifuges can be equipped with highly developed wear protection systems made of e.g. tungsten carbide, Stellite® or ceramic tiles, to name but a few. Rubber coatings or matrix coatings have also proven themselves in various applications.

If required, our engineers develop new and efficient solutions in coating, bonding and joining technology for our customers worldwide.

Centrifuge Components Materials

Centrifuge components must not only withstand high forces, but also process-related stresses such as corrosion, wear and high temperatures. Cost and availability of materials also play an important role. Our customers select the necessary product-contacting materials according to these very specific requirements.

Duplex and high-alloy stainless steels, Hastelloy® and titanium materials for a wide variety of processes and stresses are part of our daily business in centrifuge construction. Our quality management has developed very detailed and cost effective processes for design, manufacturing processes and component testing based on European guidelines.

Typical sheet metal and forging materials for centrifuge wetted components include

  • EN 1.4404 / AISI 316L
  • EN 1.4571 / AISI 316Ti
  • EN 1.4462 / AISI 318LN / Duplex
  • EN 1.4410 / AISI F53 / Super Duplex
  • Lean Duplex
  • EN 1.4539 / AISI 904L
  • EN 1.4547 / 254SMO®
  • EN 1.4529 / AISI 926
  • EN 2.4819 / INCONEL® Alloy C-276
  • EN 2.4602 / Hastelloy® C22
  • EN 2.4610 / Hastelloy® C4
  • EN 3.7035 / Ti-II / Titan 994-Ti-grade 2
  • EN 3.7235 / Ti-IIPd / Titan 994 Pd-Ti-grade 7
  • and their casting materials

In a recent video interview, experts from SIEBTECHNIK GmbH, Comi Condor and TEMA Process shed light on our successful collaboration in the processing of lithium derivates.

Efficient and gentle lithium processing

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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA appointed exclusive global agent for COMI CONDOR’s full range of peeler centrifuges in battery material applications.

Lithium Processing with Expertise

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The perfect solution for lithium processing: Continuous centrifuges, peeler centrifuges and dryers from SIEBTECHNIK TEMA

Lithium 3

The perfect solution for lithium processing: continuous centrifuges, peeler centrifuges and dryers

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COMI CONDOR peeler centrifuge for processing lithium and its by-products

Horizontal peeler centrifuge

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA is the exclusive worldwide sales partner for the entire COMI CONDOR range of peeler centrifuges for battery material applications.
The horizontal peeler centrifuge HX from COMI CONDOR is designed for applications in the chemical industry.

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Vertical peeler centrifuge

Vertical peeler centrifuge

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA is the exclusive worldwide sales partner for the entire range of COMI CONDOR peeler centrifuges for battery material applications.

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SHS pusher centrifuge

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Screen scroll centrifuge CONTURBEX

The CONTURBEX is a continuously operating, filtering centrifuge with a very wide range of applications.

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