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Lithium ion batteries

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA appointed exclusive global agent for COMI CONDOR’s full range of peeler centrifuges in battery material applications.

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA a leading supplier of mineral and solids processing equipment, has concluded an agreement with COMI CONDOR SpA, to exclusively provide the Italian company’s range of peeler centrifuges for battery material applications on a global basis.

Under the agreement, which came into effect on January 1, 2023, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA will expand its range of continuously operating CONTURBEX, PUSHER, SCREENBOWL, CONTHICK and DECANTER centrifuges as well as FLUID BED DRYER SYSTEMS in the battery materials sector to include discontinuously operating horizontal and vertical PEELER and SYPHON PEELER centrifuges.
Dr. Reinhard Scholz, General Manager at SIEBTECHNIK GmbH, explains that the company’s focus on battery material applications will be strengthened by this cooperation, especially for Lithium Carbonate projects. “We are marketing this peeler centrifuge in addition to our established range of products of continuous centrifuges and dryers as “The Lithium 3 – perfect match”.

“As the current uptake of electric vehicles has and will continue to significantly increase the global demand for lithium, there are many projects to focus on at this time” he says.

Die perfekte Lösung für die Lithiumverarbeitung: Kontinuierliche Zentrifugen, Schälzentrifugen und Trockner aus dem Hause SIEBTECHNIK TEMA

Global support and expertise

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA will not only act as an exclusive distribution agent for COMI CONDOR’s line of peeler centrifuge solutions in battery material applications but will also leverage its vast in-house technical expertise to provide local assistance to customers. While projects will be booked through SIEBTECHNIK GmbH in all areas except the USA, COMI CONDOR’s experts will be closely involved in detailed technical discussions and customer support. In the USA the peeler centrifuges will be directly sold via SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Inc. and technically supported by CPS as COMI CONDOR’s representative in North America.

Luigi Poma, president of COMI CONDOR in Italy, points out, “SIEBTECHNIK TEMA’s well-established relationships with engineering companies around the world and its many references, expertise and knowledge of battery material applications with a focus on lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate made the company our preferred choice. We’ve already started our collaboration in 2019, and after being awarded our first joint project in 2021, the decision to formalize this collaboration wasn’t very difficult. Even more so as both family-owned companies have a similar DNA with our focus on technology, customer service and fast decision lines.”

COMI CONDOR peeler centrifuge for processing lithium and its by-products
TEMA Process fluidized bed dryer
SHS pusher centrifuge for lithium hydroxide monohydrate in the factory hall in Mülheim, closed

Expanding the product portfolio

With this exclusive agreement, Mr. Scholz adds, both company’s objective is to become a strategic partner to customers in the battery materials industry that are building new facilities, brownfield projects or expanding their existing plant capacities.

“We are a group of motivated, proactive and supportive industry experts that will bring technical and commercial expertise to our customers.”


TEMA Process fluidized bed dryer
TEMA Process Dryer
COMI CONDOR peeler centrifuge for processing lithium and its by-products
COMI CONDOR peeler centrifuge
3D graphic of a production plant for electric cars using robotics. Installation of lithium ion batteries
Lithium ion batteries in electric cars
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