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The complete range of MULTOTEC solutions for conveying

MULTOTEC Mato Lacing System for Conveyor Solutions

Multotec conveyor systems reduce downtime and improve efficiency with products like Multolag™, which reduces belt slippage. Its rubber loading points replace conventional idlers, improving material transfer. MATO systems offer several components for streamlined operations.

Focused on extending the life of conveyor loading points with wear-resistant products, Multotec’s solutions also reduce friction, increasing equipment availability and reducing maintenance costs.


Multotec offers products proven to reduce downtime and belt slippage. These solutions include Multolag™, a direct bond ceramic pulley lagging system designed to reduce belt slippage on both drive and non-drive pulleys. This system improves the efficiency and smoothness of conveyor operations.

Rubber Loading Points

In addition to Multolag™, Multotec’s product range includes its rubber loading points, which are designed to replace conventional conveyor idlers. These are particularly useful at conveyor transfer points, reducing ore bounce and spillage, thus improving material handling.

MATO Conveyor Belt Systems

An integral part of Multotec’s offering are MATO conveyor belt systems, which include cleaners, clamps, cutters, fasteners and accessories. These components work together to minimize belt stoppages and downtime, contributing significantly to more efficient operations.

Enhancing Conveyor System Longevity

A key focus for Multotec is to extend the life of loading points in conveyor systems. This is achieved through the use of its Multolag™ ceramic products, known for their wear resistance. These products effectively absorb the energy of the ore transfer, extending the life of the conveyor system.

Multotec’s solutions are also designed to reduce friction, which is critical to minimizing wear. This not only increases plant availability, but also simplifies belt tracking maintenance. As a result, users benefit from reduced operating costs and downtime. The longevity of Multotec’s products also means lower overhead costs, making its conveyor systems a cost-effective and efficient choice for industries looking to optimize their material handling processes.

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