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Screen decanter

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Screen decanter TURBOSCREEN type TSDT 1100

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA has combined the special advantages of sedimentation and filtration in screen decanters for the separation of solids from liquids and for the dewatering of solids. All SIEBTECHNIK TEMA decanter screens are individually adapted to the product conditions and system requirements.

The use of our screen decanters increases the separation efficiency compared to filtering centrifuges. In addition, the efficiency of solids dewatering is increased and the energy required for drying is reduced. In an existing plant, an increase in capacity can be achieved by replacing a conventional machine with a decanter screen.
In the screen decanters, the solids are separated by sedimentation in a full-jacket area. The product can then be washed in the screening section and dewatered up to the mechanically separable dewatering limit. The machine parameters g-force, retention time and cake height determine the choice of machine type.
These sieve decanters have proven themselves in many industries and for different applications. In the polymer industry, these include polyoxymethylene (POM) as well as copolymers and biopolymers. For organic compounds, e.g. amino acids, carboxylic acid derivatives and, in the food industry, monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Screen decanter TURBOSCREEN type TSDT 1100

TURBOSCREEN screen bowl decanter centrifuge

It combines the process engineering advantages of a sedimenting decanter and a filtering centrifuge in one machine.

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CONTHICK sieve decanter

CONTHICK screen bowl decanter centrifuge

The CONTHICK screen bowl decanter centrifuge is a combination machine consisting of a solid-wall drum in the product feed zone and a downstream screening drum.

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