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SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Remote Advanced Monitoring

The digital module for preventive screening machine maintenance

Your screening machine has a lot to tell – take a look.

STReAM System für die Siebmaschinen Fernwartung. 2 Monteure stehen vor einer Siebmaschinenanlage mit einem Tablett in der Hand und sehen sich die Auswertung ihrer Maschinendaten an

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With STReAM, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers an innovative online monitoring tool for optimizing preventive maintenance and downtime planning.

Screening machines are key equipment in many plants. They classify, dewater and thus ensure the quality of products and make a highly efficient contribution to successful plant operation.
Reliable production is a top priority for our customers and therefore also for us. Irregularities in operation must be detected and corrected as quickly as possible before malfunctions or machine breakdowns occur. This is where we have been supporting our customers for decades with our expertise and practical experience.


  • Online – Monitoring
  • Simple wireless installation of the sensors
  • Gateway only requires a 220/230V power connection
  • Use of the customer’s WLAN for data transmission, alternatively use of an integrated SIM card
  • Optional transfer of data to the customer’s own process control system (PCS)
  • Customized dashboard for monitoring the data
  • Alarm or status message via SMS or e-mail to responsible persons

Optimization of condition monitoring

This requires sensitive sensor technology, which we can implement with STReAM. With STReAM, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers an innovative and flexible tool for optimizing condition monitoring, preventive maintenance and downtime planning and thus for safeguarding machine operation and your associated production.

STReAM - SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Remote Advanced Monitoring -

Digital processing of operating data

The digital processing of operating data enables up-to-date monitoring, analysis and continuous improvement of screening machine operation. The simple structure of STReAM is the basis for a modern and optimal connection tailored to your operation.

Regular or event-related machine analysis

For regular or event-related machine analysis, you can of course rely on the experience of our screening machine specialists.
The regular analysis is carried out continuously on the screening machine.
With event-related machine analysis, we access the data from your screening machine with your consent; data transfer is simple and absolutely secure. After analyzing the data, we give you a recommendation as to whether and what measures need to be taken.
Nothing stands in the way of preventive maintenance management.

Verladung einer Siebmaschine von per Hallenkran auf einen Schwerlast LKW
Production of an elliptical vibrating screening machine - hall photo from above of the screening surface

Structure & functionalities

Basically, two different types of sensor are used on the screening machines. Four sensors, ideally mounted in the vibration isolation area, reliably record the vibration frequency of the machine as well as the vibration amplitudes in all three axes.
Special bearing sensors record meaningful factors for assessing the condition of the bearing. In addition to the temperature, frequencies emitted by the bearing < 2.5 kHz are also recorded. Only 1 sensor is required for a double unbalance gearbox with 4 bearings or a drive cell with 2 bearings.

The recorded data is sent to a gateway via Bluetooth and uploaded from there to a cloud provided by the customer via Wi-Fi or an integrated SIM card. However, the data can also be integrated into a customer-based process control system. Various bus systems are available for this purpose.
The cloud-based data is processed
in analysis software. The specific and calibrated data of the screening machine is stored here. Impermissible values are detected and lead to a status change.
A selected, responsible user in your company is informed of the change in status of the previously calibrated values by text message or email.

Making downtimes plannable

A traffic light system allows you to quickly and easily recognize the condition of your machine. A green status allows problem-free use and production of the screening machine. A change to a yellow status requires analysis and observation of the machine or a component, while the red status signals a need for action.
All data can be called up at any time in an online dashboard with long-term memory.

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