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IHK award for the best and sponsorship prize from the Schauenburg Foundation


We have been training industrial clerks, industrial mechanics and cutting machine operators for many years. Since the training of young people is close to our hearts, we want to give our trainees the best possible start to their careers.

This year, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s Best Apprentice Award and the Schauenburg Foundation’s sponsorship award once again confirmed just how good our apprentices of the 2022 graduation year are. Among the 3,104 trainees who completed their training in the IHK district of Essen in 2022, 242 passed the examination with a grade of 1.

Our trainees, Mrs. Papke (industrial clerk, center), Mr. Jan-Philipp Pothmann (industrial mechanic, right) and Mr. Tom Achterfeld (industrial clerk, trainee of our sister company STEINHAUS, left) were among the successful graduates. In addition, Ms. Papke and Mr. Pothmann also received the Schauenburg Förderpreis in 2022.


Tom, Lisa und Jan-Phillip mit ihrem Ausbildungszertifikat

We congratulate again and look forward to a pleasant cooperation at SIEBTECHNIK GmbH in the future.
We wish this year’s commercial trainees all the best for their final exams this week!

The Schauenburg Foundation has been awarding a prize to trainees from Mülheim for 33 years.

And our trainees are also among the honorees time and again. Among others, Mr. Thorsten Follmann in 1998 and Mrs. Manuela Klages in 2005 were already award winners of our company. Both of them still belong to the SIEBTECHNIK family and we are glad that they are still working for our company with a lot of commitment & dedication.

Zeitungsartikel aus der WAZ vom 30.09.2005

At the same time as Mrs. Klages, our current company school teacher, Mr. Stefan Paus, was also awarded the Schauenburg sponsorship prize. As a company school teacher, Mr. Paus has been supporting our commercial trainees in weekly lessons for several years to achieve “1” before the decimal point in their exams.

Most recently, Mr. Niklas Hensel (industrial clerk, STEINHAUS GmbH) was awarded the Schauenburg Foundation Promotion Prize in 2019 and Mr. Amon Laufke (industrial clerk, training at STEINHAUS GmbH, now part of the SIEBTECHNIK family) in 2021 at “the best of the IHK” for their graduations.

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