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OPTIMA slotted screens


OPTIMA weld gap screens in various designs

STEINHAUS OPTIMA slotted screens are available in many variations.

OPTIMA slotted screens

OPTIMA wedge wire screens are made of wear-resistant, alloyed, corrosion-resistant steels.

They are available with or without reinforcement and in a welded or looped design. Flat screens, curved screens and slotted screen baskets are available.

Flat sieves & slotted sieve trays    Precision filter tubes    Centrifuge baskets    Separator Cylinders

Flat screens and slotted screens

Flat or curved slotted screens are used in the following areas, among others:

  • OPTIMA flat screen panels in screening machines for classification or dewatering
  • OPTIMA filter trays for diffusion towers, extractors, planar filters, ion exchangers, backwash filters, etc. …
  • OPTIMA support bases in belt filters to support the filter fleece used
  • OPTIMA curved screens with profile wires at right angles to the flushing direction for optimum separation
  • OPTIMA architectural mesh for cladding building facades
  • OPTIMA racks & lauter tuns in breweries and malt houses

The available OPTIMA wedge wire screens can be manufactured from the finest profile wires to create the largest possible open screen surface to extremely large and stable variants to ensure high mechanical robustness.

The different profile dimensions are in turn available in various designs, some of which are patented.

Flat OPTIMA screens are manufactured by machine using the flat welding process. In addition to this process, it is also possible to produce welded slotted screen cylinders in a flat shape using Steinhaus round winding machines.

OPTIMA weld gap screens in various designs
STEINHAUS OPTIMA slotted screen base with steel reinforcement

Precision filter tubes

OPTIMA spiral cylinders are manufactured up to a diameter of 1,022 mm and a length of 5,500 mm.

OPTIMA precision filters, on the other hand, cover a range of diameters from 23 mm to 305 mm with high-precision automatic welding machines.

All OPTIMA products are characterized by an extremely stable construction and are designed for robust use. The high pressure resistance of the filter tubes can be further increased by reinforcements, such as an internal square spiral. Gap widths of up to 6 µm can be achieved with specially developed profiles.


Axial gap FITO

In the axial version, the gap-forming profiles run parallel to the longitudinal axis of the slotted screen cylinder.

Radial gap version FITO

FITO (Filtration inside to outside) Upstream side inside

The triangular winding profiles are welded with the flat side onto the internal cross bars.


Radial gap version FOTI

FOTI (Filtration outside to inside) Upstream side outside

The triangular winding profiles are welded with the wedge-shaped side onto the internal cross bars.

In this frequently used design, the external filter surface and simultaneous inflow side are smooth, making it easy to clean off any accumulated solids.


Square perforation version® FITO / FOTI

The latest OPTIMA innovation with a square filter opening follows a new application concept.

This patented design can be supplied with air from both sides with both radially and axially perfectly arranged openings.

STEINHAUS OPTIMA precision filter tube FITO axial
STEINHAUS OPTIMA precision filter tube with internal support spiral

Centrifuge baskets

OPTIMA slotted screen baskets offer a high degree of accuracy of fit for optimum separation results thanks to their high-quality workmanship.

They are available:

  • with and without reinforcement
  • one or more parts
  • in all technically possible sizes and designs
  • in a wide variety of materials
  • with axial and radial gap direction


STEINHAUS OPTIMA centrifuge baskets
STEINHAUS OPTIMA centrifuge baskets

Separator cylinder

OPTIMA slotted screen baskets for press screw separators are used in the agricultural sector for the solid-liquid separation of cattle and pig slurry. An auger drives the slurry horizontally through a slotted screen cylinder for screening and pressing. Other applications can be found in biogas plants, slaughterhouses or in the production of economical bedding material.

The cylinders manufactured by Steinhaus produce optimum pressing behavior thanks to their high fitting accuracy.

Steinhaus’ own production can respond to your individual requirements and realize special designs, thus ensuring optimum application. The material used is generally grade 1.4301; the standard gap widths are 0.50 mm, 0.75 mm and 1.00 mm.

STEINHAUS OPTIMA separator cylinder
STEINHAUS OPTIMA separator cylinder
STEINHAUS OPTIMA industrial filter - molded filter

OPTIMA industrial filters

STEINHAUS OPTIMA industrial filters are available in various designs.

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Perforated sheets

Our sister company Steinhaus GmbH offers many types of perforated sheets.

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Steel sieve trays

STEINHAUS steel sieve trays standard design and self-cleaning

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