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Thermal dryers & fluidized bed systems


Splashing water evaporates - during thermal drying, the residual moisture is removed by evaporation.

In thermal drying, the residual moisture is removed by means of thermal energy, i.e. evaporated or vaporized. Our dryers and fluidized bed systems are used in a wide variety of industries, such as the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and building materials industries, and are used to dry minerals, chemicals, food, animal feed, biomass and much more.

Drying & Cooling

In the field of drying, we work closely with our German sister company Allgaier Process Technology GmbH in Uhingen. Allgaier Process Technology GmbH has a broad portfolio of fluidized bed, drum and dispersion dryers and can offer our customers the optimum dryer type for every application. Upon request, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA can also combine centrifuges and dryers into a complete package, including interface responsibility.

In the field of fluid bed dryers, we can also work together with our Dutch colleagues at TEMA PROCESS B.V., if desired.

Allgaier Fluidized Bed Dryer


In industrial drying, the most important thing is an energy-efficient process. Allgaier offers its customers dryer systems and plants that are adapted to different products. They are based on the technology of rotating Drum Dryers, Spray Dryers and Cdryer as well as fluidized bed technology.

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Allgaier Cooling Systems


In the industrial processing of raw materials, in many cases the dried or heated product must be cooled before further processing.

Allgaier cooling systems and plants are used in the processing industry for construction and mineral materials, in the mining, stone and soil, plastics and ceramics sectors, as well as for waste/recycling, bio fuels/pellets, in the foodstuff and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Sample dryer TR 500

Sample Dryers

The Sample Dryers are used for the automatic, batch-wise drying and deagglomeration of moist or wet bulk samples.

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