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Our ASM Sieve Shaker

Automate your time-consuming sieve weighing tasks, increase throughput and reduce your cost per sample.

Just plug in the scale and quickly weigh the empty sieves. Thanks to LabCo, you don’t have to re-enter sieve IDs and the weight is transferred with a single click. Then, simply attach the sieve tower to the ASM using the quick release fasteners and you are ready to begin your sieve analysis.

Sieves with their respective particle fractions are reweighed in reverse order on the scale. Results are easily transmitted and stored.

For each sieve, the fractional weights are automatically calculated and the distribution percentage is displayed in the test report.

All weighing data, including machine data, is automatically stored and a report can be stored and sent digitally or printed.

Our machines and software make sieve analysis easy, fast and convenient, increasing your sieve analysis productivity – convenient features and digital data management quickly pay for themselves.

Discover SIEBTECHNIK TEMA’s extensive portfolio of laboratory equipment.

More than 100 years of experience, a team of dedicated experts and our own test laboratory are at your disposal.

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The ASM 200 test sieve shaker in the laboratory. One machine with and the other without sieve tower.

Sieve Shaker ASM

Our ASM sieve shakers are throw sieve shakers, they are used for the automatic sieving of all screenable bulk materials into individual grain fractions for the reproducible determination of grain size distributions.

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Analytical screening machines View of the screening tower and zirconium oxide beads

Analytical Screening

Grain size and grain distribution play an important role in quality assurance, processing, research and development. Our portfolio of machine types is as diverse as the areas of application for test sieve shakers.

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A laboratory employee holds a soil sample in a glass container in front of a microscope and adds white powder


We manufacture: Analytical Screening machines for determining the grain size of bulk materials of all grain sizes. Test drums for determining drum strength. Gas pycnometers for determining skeletal density. Robot cells for automatic sample preparation and analysis of physical parameters. Dividers for representative rejuvenation of sample quantities and Laboratory Centrifuges for separating solids from suspensions.

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