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Laboratory Days, the Second

In December, we welcomed our international sales staff to the second edition of our Lab Days in 2022.

For three days, they were given an overview of the most important product innovations, our innovative app control, and were also able to get their hands on the machines themselves in our technical center.

One of the highlights at the conference under the title “FEEL LABCO” was certainly the once again positive feedback on the intuitive operation of the app.

The machine highlights included, above all, the presentation of the automatic vibrating disk mill and the HM 1-L hammer mill.

Gruppe von Menschen bekommen eine Analysensiebmaschine ASM erklärt

Automatic vibrating disk mill

The introduction of the automatic vibrating disk mill is seen as a great relief for the laboratories, since the grinding vessels no longer have to be removed by the employees for emptying. This eliminates a heavy activity that is disliked by laboratory workers.

Die automatische SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Scheibenschwingmühle TS 1000 A - Probe einfüllen, mahlen und vermahlene Probe im Becher entnehmen. Das Mahlgefäß muss nicht mehr entnommen werden
Die Probe wird bei der automatischen Scheibenschwingmühle einfach in die Probenaufgabe geschüttet. Das Handling der Gefäße entfällt

Hammer mill <-> Cutting mill

The new hammer mill impressed with the possibility of converting it into a cutting mill by exchanging the grinding tools. In this way, for occasional sample materials, there is the possibility of converting the mill to the other type of usage, thus saving space and acquisition costs.

Die Hammermühle HM1-L kann von einer Hammer auf eine Schneidmühle umgerüstet werden
Hammer-Schneidmühle - Detailaufnahme des Lochkorbes und des Schneidrotors nach der Zerkleinerung von Holzkohlefasern

It was an interesting exchange in a positive atmosphere and with a lot of encouraging feedback, which we were of course very pleased about.

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By loading the video, you accept YouTube`s privacy policy. Click on the picture to load.
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