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Group of companies for the processing of mineral bulk materials and solid-liquid separation in the chemical and food industries. The ramified group includes more than 50 companies and parent companies, for example in Switzerland, the Netherlands and South Africa.


STEINHAUS GmbH is a dynamic, well-established medium-sized company that has been in existence for over 100 years and is based in Germany – in the Ruhr region. It specializes in components and equipment for a wide range of applications.

The product range includes steel, rubber and plastic sieve trays, wire conveyor belts, OPTIMA welded wedge wire screens and industrial filters, MULTOTEC process equipment and LuCoTec air spring systems.

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ISENMANN Siebe has been active in the plastics processing industry for over 70 years. The head office is located in Karlsruhe, Germany, with approx. 200 employees. They manufacture and supply high-quality industrial screens made of steel, rubber and plastic for the processing of bulk materials in gravel and sand works, quarries, ore and coal processing plants and sugar factories worldwide.


Multotec cyclones - system photo

Mineral Processing Equipment

Multotec designs, builds, manufactures, installs and maintains equipment throughout the entire value chain of mineral processing plants across all commodity sectors, from diamonds to coal, gold, iron ore, platinum and phosphates.

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MULTOTEC Mato Lacing System for Conveyor Solutions

Conveyor System Solutions

Multotec’s conveyor system solutions are proven to reduce downtime and belt slippage. Each product in the conveyor belt system solution range works to increase the lifespan of your loading points.

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Water - clean water splashes upwards. You can see the movement and a few flying drops of water

Solid-liquid separation & dewatering

Multotec's solid-liquid separation solutions provide optimal dewatering and metals/product recovery in various markets, including chemical and mineral processing.

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Multotec screening media. Screening Machine

Screening Media

As a leading provider of technology solutions to the global minerals processing industry, Multotec offers a comprehensive range of screening media. These range from wedge wire screens and centrifuge baskets to fully optimized composite screen decks.

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OPTIMA weld gap screens in various designs

OPTIMA slotted screens

STEINHAUS OPTIMA wedge wire screens are made of wear-resistant, alloyed, corrosion-resistant steels. Flat screens, curved screens and slotted screen baskets are available.

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STEINHAUS OPTIMA industrial filter - molded filter

OPTIMA industrial filters

STEINHAUS OPTIMA industrial filters are available in various designs.

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STEINHAUS rolled back belt or Z-belt

Rolled baking belts & CLEANBELT®

In addition to the various types of STEINHAUS wire conveyor belts, a rolled backing belt with a specially developed cleaning system is also available.

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Two individual, differently sized air bellows of the LuCoTec air suspension system lie on a pile of gravel in a gravel works, in the background you can see the plant with screening machines and conveyor system

LucoTec air suspension system

Our sister company Steinhaus GmbH offers a complete system called LuCoTec, which extends the service life of your screening machine.

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STEINHAUS polyurethane screens, Kombiplast and UNI2000 system screens, steel screens and various accessories such as fan nozzles, etc.

Polyurethane screens and Accessories for Screening Machines

STEINHAUS screen panels are available in many different variations. They are used to separate solid mineral raw materials such as sand and gravel, hard rock, coal and ores, chemical products, foodstuffs and many other substances - in screening machines, centrifuges and filters.

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STEINHAUS braided link belt group 400

Wire conveyor belts

The extensive range of wire belts from our sister company STEINHAUS GmbH.

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STEINHAUS LONGVITA press-welded mesh and HARFE fabric-like sieve base

Steel sieve trays

STEINHAUS steel sieve trays standard design and self-cleaning

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STEINHAUS perforated sheets, various designs

Perforated sheets

Our sister company Steinhaus GmbH offers many types of perforated sheets.

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CONIDUR perforated sheets are characterized by a special conical perforation that deviates from the conventional round shape and has a triangular to semi-elliptical shape.

CONIDUR® perforated sheets

CONIDUR® perforated sheets from HEIN, LEHMANN: Special perforation for greater efficiency in industry and technology.

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Mobile Liwell Screen for difficult-to-screen materials

Mobile Liwell Screen

Liwell screening machines have been specially developed by us for the screening of difficult-to-screen materials

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SIEBTECHNIK GMBH in Mülheim an der Ruhr - Factory premises in Mülheim harbor - Aerial view of a section with production halls


SIEBTECHNIK GmbH in Germany is the Technology Center of our SIEBTECHNIK TEMA group. Founded in 1922, it is based in the heart of the Ruhr area and the group’s main production site.

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SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA Headoffice Wuqing, China Gray building with SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA logo


SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Process Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is located in the popular Wuqing Development Zone, Tianjin and has a production area of 10,000 square meters. SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Process Equipment focuses on centrifuges (production, repair and maintenance), but also provides drying solutions, screening and classifying equipment, automatic sampling equipment and other group technologies.

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SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA Headoffice Cincinnati, USA Building with SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA logo and meadow in the foreground


SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Inc. manufacture, sell, and support a wide variety of our group’s equipment domestically, to grow and support the markets, industries, and customers in the USA and Canada.

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SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA Head Office Revesby-Sydney, Australia Building with SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA logo


SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Australia manufactures a range of equipment in a 4,000 m² factory in Revesby (Sydney). This encompasses a machine shop complete with CNC lathes and mills, a fabricating area as well as assembly and testing areas. The focus is on coal centrifuges and other local equipment. For the group, they are offering centrifuge and drying technology in Australia.

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SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA Headoffice Rijswijk, The Netherlands Glass office building with SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA logo

The Netherlands

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA B.V. is the sales office for SIEBTECHNIK TEMA and other group technologies in the Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. In addition, ST-NL works in a joint centrifuge sales team with colleagues from ST-DE in certain areas of the world.

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Company building of SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Ltd Process Equipment in Great Britain

United Kingdom

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Ltd. is the sales office of the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA group in the UK with a focus on screening and classification equipment. It is your partner for screening machines, centrifuges, laboratory equipment, filter tubes and oven belts.

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SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA Headoffice France, Mundolsheim Office building with SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA logo


SIEBTECHNIK TEMA S.A.S., is the sales office for SIEBTECHNIK TEMA and other group technologies in France and the French-speaking part of Africa.

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SIEBTECHNIK-TEMA Headoffice in Madrid, Spain Office building in the center of Madrid


SIEBTECHNIK TEMA S.A. is the sales office of SIEBTECHNIK TEMA in Spain.

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