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Belt Filter Press

The economical way to dewater sludge and slurries

Belt Filter Press, 1,5 meter

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Belt Filter Presses are used to dewater all types of sludges and our experienced engineers can customize our standard models to meet your specific requirements. Over the past 30 years, we have locally manufactured and supplied over 135 BFP’s to many satisfied customers in Australia and overseas.

Introducing the Belt Filter Press (BFP): Cost-Effective Sludge Dewatering

Our SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Belt Filter Press (BFP) is designed to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for dewatering a wide range of sludges. Designed for efficiency, the BFP handles different types of sludge and provides an effective dewatering process. Our new 7000 series design is more space efficient than conventional Belt Filter Presses, using smaller diameter rollers to exert higher pressures, thereby increasing dewatering performance. Our Belt Filter Press is often coupled with a Gravity Drainage Deck (GDD), to improve the overall dewatering efficiency of any process.

Key applications for the BFP include

  • Municipal and industrial sludge: Suitable for treating sludge from a variety of municipal and industrial sources.
  • Production By-Products: Efficiently treats by-products from the chemical, food and paper industries.
  • Mineral Industries
  • Mine Tailings Dewatering
  • Drilling and Tunneling
  • Sand, Clay and Mud
  • Abattoir, rendering plants and tanneries

Belt Filter Press  – how it works

The Belt Filter Press works by passing the sludge through filter cloths and a system of rollers, effectively dewatering the sludge to produce a drip-free, spadable cake. The design of the BFP focuses on providing high quality dewatering while maintaining ease of operation.

Benefits of the Belt Filter Press:

  • Cost-effective installation: Economical to install, providing a budget-friendly dewatering solution.
  • Efficient energy use and automatic operation: Designed for minimal power requirements, it ensures low energy consumption and can operate automatically, reducing the need for continuous supervision.
  • Low operating costs: With its efficient design and operation, the BFP keeps operating costs to a minimum.
  • High capacity in a small footprint: Provides high dewatering capacity with minimal space requirements, making it ideal for facilities with limited space.
  • Good dewatering results: Delivers good dewatering performance, ensuring effective sludge management.

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Belt Filter Press provides a practical and cost-effective solution to dewatering needs in a variety of industries, contact us for more information.

Optional Extras

The Belt Filter Press comes standard with a complete set of features for efficient operation. These include a flocculation tank equipped with a 0.37 kW mixer, safety lanyard switches for emergency stops, low air and water pressure switches, and belt drift switches for alignment control. It also includes guards and a mechanically variable main drive that is compatible with variable speed drive (VSD) control systems (provided by others).

We generally offer the following optional extras:

  • Other dry sludge handling equipment such as conveyor belts, sludge bins etc.
  • On site installation by our service technicians
  • On site commissioning assistance by one of our engineers

Materials of Construction

The Belt Filter Press frames are constructed of epoxy-coated mild steel for durability and corrosion resistance. All parts in contact with the water, such as the filtrate trays, flocculator tank, spray bars, and fasteners, are constructed of 316 stainless steel and the rollers are rubber covered for improved performance and longevity.

In addition, there is an option to manufacture the frames entirely in stainless steel, providing an alternative for those seeking this specific material for their equipment.

Belt Filter Press
Belt Filter Press
Belt Filter Press
Belt Filter Press
Tailings lake of a copper mine


Die Aufbereitung von Tailings ist eine wichtige Herausforderung für die Bergbauindustrie, da sie potenzielle Umweltprobleme verursachen können. Zusammen mit unserer Schwesterfirma Multotec sind wir in der Lage, komplette Tailings-Aufbereitungsanlagen zu planen und zu realisieren.

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Gravity Drainage Deck

Gravity Drainage Deck

Gravity Drainage Decks are used to thicken sludges with low suspended solids of 0.3 - 1.5 %. Free drainage of liquid by gravity through porous belt, aided by plough turning action.

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Multiple SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Lamella Settler on site, in Australia

Lamella Clarifier / Settler

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Continuously Washing Up Flow Sand Filter

Continuously Washing Up Flow Sand Filter

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Continuously Washing Up Flow (CWUF) sand filters are deep bed gravity filters, that continuously self-clean during operation.

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